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New ad model for SA social networking site

Social networking and reuniting website SAReunited recently launched a new advertising model intended to cater for businesses whose online advertising budgets have tightened in today's credit crunch climate - making use of user-generated ads.
New ad model for SA social networking site
The new service, coined ‘Smart Ads', allows business owners or media planners to upload and create their own ads on the fly without having to outlay extra costs for a creative agency to produce the type of online ad banners usually required by websites.

Advertisers have a login to track the progress on their adverts in real time. Smart Ads pricing starts from as little as R35 per 500 - 1800 views/impressions.

New ad model for SA social networking site
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“In the current recession, many small businesses and entrepreneurs are caught in a catch-22 situation where they greatly need to advertise their services... but lack the financial resources to do so,” points out SAReunited co-founder Amanda Tsinonis.

“Yet in a recession, this is when one needs the business to maintain your share of voice. Our new Smart Ads provides the perfect solution - by being both an affordable means to advertise online, as well as being a smart option because advertisers are able to target their ads exclusively to their select market without a bidding process

As with all its other advertising, SAReunited's Smart Ads are IP-related and can be targeted by any worldwide location (country or major city), age range and gender - allowing the advertiser to choose a very exact audience. If clients do not have a website to click through to from their advert, they have a choice to put a telephone number.

Tsinonis notes that SAReunited is also “one of only a handful of sites operating on an ad-model, willing to guarantee our clients at least a 1% click-through rate on advertising banners adverts ... or the advertiser receives double the inventory booked, whichever objective is realised first. We aim to mitigate all risk for our clients”

SAReunited, which last year relaunched as a free social network and is reporting a significant increase in traffic, is a member of the Online Publishers Association (OPA).

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