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Smart Grab & Go: enhancing in-store advertising for maximum sales impact

In today's crowded marketplace, retailers and FMCG brands need to constantly find new ways to attract and retain customers. One effective strategy is in-store advertising, which can help reach target audiences at the point of purchase.
Smart Grab & Go: enhancing in-store advertising for maximum sales impact

Smart Media's Smart Grab & Go in-store advertising solution is a powerful tool that may help retailers and FMCG brands increase sales and enhance the shopping experience for customers. Let's take a closer look at the benefits of this innovative solution.

Valuable positioning in-store

Smart Grab & Go is a compact and space-efficient product display unit that is strategically placed at the checkout area to entice customers with quick, easy-to-grab items that complement their existing purchases. This valuable positioning in-store makes it a last-mile, wallet-in-hand, impulse purchase sales driver that can catch the attention of customers who may not have been looking for a specific product but are enticed by the convenience and accessibility of items on display.

POS conversion driver

Smart Grab & Go is not only a powerful sales driver but also an effective point of sale (POS) conversion driver that can help enhance the shopping experience and drive additional sales for brands. By offering a selection of quick, accessible items in the high-traffic checkout area, Smart Grab & Go units have the potential to convert more sales, particularly from customers who are already in the buying mindset.

Flexible and customisable

The unit's bespoke specifications make it a flexible and customisable solution that can be tailored to suit different client requirements and products. This includes interchangeable pegs, baskets, trays, and other holders, which can be changed to suit various types of product packaging. Smart Grab & Go units are also produced according to store till point dimensions, ensuring a perfect fit in all locations.

Easy to install and restock

Another advantage of Smart Grab & Go is its ease of installation and restocking. The magnetic strip allows for quick and easy installation, speeding up the rollout process, and saving time and resources. The interchangeable pegs and trays also make restocking and changing the products on display a breeze, ensuring that the display always looks fresh and engaging.

Scalable and cost-effective

Smart Grab & Go is available in 30, 50, 100, and 120 store package options, with each package including three Smart Grab & Go units per store. This provides a scalable and cost-effective solution that can be customised to suit the needs of any retailer or FMCG brand. With varying touchpoints from 90 for the 30-store package to 360 for the 120-store package, this medium can provide an impactful in-store advertising solution for campaigns of various sizes.

Proven success

Leading brands have used this advertising medium to deliver results, including: Duracell, Elastoplast, Lindt, and Slow Mag. To increase sales and enhance brand awareness among customers these brands leveraged the valuable positioning of the Smart Grab & Go units and the power of in-store advertising.


This advertising solution showcases many strengths mentioned above. In summary they include:

  • Valuable positioning in-store
  • POS conversion driver
  • Flexible and customisable
  • Easy to install and restock
  • Scalable and cost-effective

The Smart Grab & Go in-store advertising solution is a powerful resource that can help retailers and FMCG brands increase sales, enhance the shopping experience, and drive brand awareness.

Its valuable positioning in-store, flexibility, ease of installation and restocking, scalability, and proven success make it a must-have tool for retailers looking to stay ahead of the competition. Book now.

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