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Chimera Creative rebrands as a social development enterprise

Chimera Creative, an integrated creative agency, is taking a fresh approach to gig work, by rebranding as a social development enterprise to provide employment in the creative sector.

While the creative industry has always benefited from its use of freelancers and contractors, Chimera Creative has taken a different approach by positioning itself as a purpose-led creative business. The agency holds a Level 2 BEE accreditation and provides services ranging from brand and social strategies and corporate identity design to content creation, public relations and illustration.

Additionally, its objectives include creating employment opportunities and skills transfer and training within the creative and information technology industries through its role as a social development enterprise hub.

With a combined experience of more than 25 years in publishing, design, communications, marketing and web development, Chimera Creative’s core team aims at propelling the South African creative industry towards the demands of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) with its fresh approach to employment, collaboration and content creation.

“In addition to our core team of fixed-term employees, we partner with creativity hubs, fixed-term contractors and freelancers to empower and upskill South African youth while developing innovative and creative projects within the marketing and branding fields,” says founder and CEO, Michel van Rijmenant.
As the country seeks solutions to the challenges presented by the Covid-19 pandemic, Chimera Creative’s cost-retainment model, strict workflows and highly contained teams of experts that maintain their agency allows us to keep costs low and quality standards high while providing employment opportunities at all skill levels.
Past and current clients of the team include Fast Company South Africa, Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa (Zeitz MOCAA), Virgin Active South Africa, the Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship South Africa, Phi Casa and 4D Building Construction. The business also produces magazines, promotional materials and proposals for the University of the Western Cape (UWC).

At the heart of Chimera Creative’s ethos is a need to drive connection and collaboration through engaging, innovative and premium content that will serve to inspire, empower and represent clients in the best possible way.

For more, go to https://chimeracreative.co.za/


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