Property Trends 2020

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Disruption, confidence in SA commercial real estate

Proptech, investor confidence, the new repo rate, a big shake up and co-working spaces continue to soar. This year welcomes major shifts...

By John Jack 5 Feb 2020

New fintech startup aims to shake up SA home loans industry

Property finance expert Timothy Akinnusi has launched a digital home loan platform that aims to change the slow and cumbersome traditional home loan application process...

28 Jan 2020

#BizTrends2020: The century of the real estate A(I)gent

Tech facilitates transformation in real estate by automating mundane tasks so that agents have more time to focus on human problems and relationships...

By Louise de Beer 16 Jan 2020

Drones for real estate: What you need to know

The benefits of commercial unmanned aircraft systems (UAS or drones) are substantial. Technology has moved forward rapidly, and what used to be considered toys are quickly becoming powerful commercial tools...

By Lisa Ellman and Matthew Clark 14 Jan 2020

#BizTrends2020: 3 technology trends shaping the property industry

The digital revolution is changing our economy and with that the way businesses operate and serve their customers...

By Tanja Lategan 10 Jan 2020

#BizTrends2020: Road map to the future and digital transformation in property

The real estate business is going through significant change for the first time in my 20-year history in this industry...

By Paul Stevens 7 Jan 2020

Set yourself apart as a property entrepreneur, everything you need to know

Professor François Viruly, property economist, associate professor and course convenor on the University of Cape Town Property Development and Investment short course provides information on how to improve your chances of becoming a successful property investor...

Issued by GetSmarter, a brand of 2U, Inc. 17 Dec 2019

#BestofBiz 2019: Property

We've compiled our annual #BestofBiz 2019 lists across all our industries featuring our most popular articles, most-read contributors and brand press offices with the most views. Discover the most read content...

17 Dec 2019

Blockchain-based property register launched in Cape Town

South Africa's first blockchain-based property register has been launched in Cape Town with the pilot study area consisting of almost 1,000 properties located in four sites in Makhaza, Khayelitsha...

7 Nov 2019

5 Tips to keep your smart home hack-free

Smart home adoption is on the rise globally...

21 Oct 2019

Africa proptech association launched, predicts vibrant startup ecosystem for continent

According to the founders of the recently launched Proptech Africa association, the continent's fast-growing property sector is expected to benefit dramatically in years to come from the emergence of a vibrant proptech startup ecosystem...

3 Oct 2019

Know your business inside out with a Biz Office

New expectations of transparency and authenticity in business means things like organisational purpose, brand stories, how your company does things, what it believes in and what it stands for, can all play a part in how your company sees itself and how it is seen by others...

Issued by 2 Oct 2019

Top ratings for Biz Rate Card 2019

Bizcommunity is excited to announce the relaunch of our Biz Product and Rate Card, featuring all-new product infographics, descriptors and more...

Issued by 27 Sep 2019

Technology an enabler in the real estate domain

The digital era has seen computers and online tools replace the filing cabinet in the modern office...

By Greg Brown 28 Aug 2019

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