Agriculture Trends 2020

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ARC launches new maize information guide for farmers

The maize information guide is a mobile application which comprises a current collection of scientifically proven data on maize production, insect identification and disease management; weed and nematodes control.

21 Feb 2020

Ford Fund assists drought-stricken farmers in the Eastern Cape

"The devastating drought in the Eastern Cape is having a dire impact on the farming community, and they need every bit of support that we can muster,."

21 Feb 2020

Ban on livestock auctions has been lifted

The Minister of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development, Thoko Didiza, has announced that the blanket ban on animal gatherings, including livestock auctions, has now been lifted.

18 Feb 2020

Santam, Sanlam donate R3m to alleviate impact of drought on farming communities

The donation will assist commercial and emerging farmers currently impacted by the devastating drought that has hit large parts of the country...

11 Feb 2020

AU Summit: African leaders focus on eradicating malnutrition by 2025

Addressing malnutrition and stunting at the 33rd African Union Summit, it was noted that while African countries have made progress, more needs to be done to hit the United Nations malnutrition eradication targets by 2025...

10 Feb 2020

Limpopo foot and mouth disease under control

"To date, 130 properties have been investigated and precautionary quarantine notices lifted on 87 properties."

6 Feb 2020

Trees in South Africa are under attack. Why it's proving hard to manage

A tree-killing beetle that invaded South Africa two years ago and wreaked havoc in the country's towns and cities still hasn't been declared an emergency plant pest...

By Trudy Paap 6 Feb 2020

Urgent funding needed to fight desert locust upsurge in Africa

The locust outbreak is the worst to strike Ethiopia and Somalia for 25 years and the worst infestation that Kenya had experienced in 70 years. Djibouti and Eritrea are now being affected...

31 Jan 2020

FAO scales up emergency response against locust upsurge in East Africa

Swarms continue to pour into Kenya from Ethiopia and Somalia and are rapidly spreading to the centre of the country...

22 Jan 2020

Putting trade to work to balance agriculture and environmental factors

Trade is a way that countries can tap into their own local advantages and close food security gaps, says FAO Director-General QU Dongyu...

20 Jan 2020

CropLife SA warns of possible Lepidoptera pest outbreak

CropLife SA has been notified of massive clouds of small moths visible early evening in the northern parts of Namibia around Otjiwarongo. Sunflower growers in the North West province of South Africa have also reported a large-scale caterpillar infestation...

17 Jan 2020

FMD: Update on the outbreak in Limpopo

Four further cases of foot-and-mouth disease were reported since mid-December 2019, with three cases reported in December and one case reported in the first week of January 2020...

15 Jan 2020

Red grass phenomenon has farmers scratching heads

"Climate change is a reality and its effects will be harsh. For that reason, we need to ensure we have all the weapons in our arsenal to combat it. And healthy veld is a very important weapon in this fight."

By Izak Hofmeyr 2 Jan 2020

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