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FAO launches Green Cities Initiative to help transform agri-food systems

Turning the recovery from Covid-19 into an opportunity for cities to become more sustainable, resilient, and provide access to healthy foods for all...

23 Sep 2020

Building back better on food and agriculture

FAO has elaborated a comprehensive Response and Recovery Programme to overcome the impacts of Covid-19 through up-scaled and robust international collaboration...

By QU Dongyu 10 Sep 2020

Surplus food: The key to boosting household food security

Government needs to legislate labelling that supports the diversion of surplus food; the food value chain needs to find efficient ways to divert and deliver it; and civil society needs to put pressure on the system to ensure that their fellow countrymen are adequately fed and nourished...

By John Hudson 8 Sep 2020

ARC aims to free Southern Africa from the fruit fly

A coordinated project by the Agricultural Research Council, F3 Fruit Fly Free has been initiated to establish and maintain fruit fruit production areas free or under low prevalence of this pest in Southern Africa...

4 Sep 2020

Africa has a growing food security problem: why it can't be fixed without proper data

Poor and inconsistent pricing data makes it hard to assess agricultural markets...

28 Aug 2020

How optimal water use can support food security, reduce waste in Africa

While wastewater reuse presents a sustainable solution in supporting food security amid looming water shortages, the infrastructure costs present a barrier to widespread adoption in South Africa...

27 Aug 2020

Food is one aspect, but safe food is crucial

The Covid-19 crisis has magnified the incredible public health challenge our world face. Nowhere is this challenge more apparent than in food production...

26 Aug 2020

Using agriculture to help boost job creation, investment in Mozambique

Brazilian investors have expressed interest in Mozambique's agribusiness, given the agro-ecological potential and the promising opportunities that the country offers in this sector.

25 Aug 2020

How our food choices cut into forests and put us closer to viruses

Forests provide an essential buffer between people and wildlife - and the viruses they carry. Global agriculture is destroying forests, harming biodiversity and may be putting human life at risk...

24 Aug 2020

Update on the FMD disease outbreak in Limpopo

The Department of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development has announced that the quarantine for foot-and-mouth disease has been lifted in nine locations...

24 Aug 2020

Food prices in Nigeria have shot through the roof. But is the pandemic to blame?

Covid-19 has had a dire effect on global economies. Rising infection rates have led to social distancing directives, persistent lockdowns, the closing of businesses...

By Adegboye, Folasade Bosede 19 Aug 2020

South Africa needs better food price controls to shield poor people from Covid-19 fallout

The pandemic has put in stark relief the country's poorly understood food system, in which powerful firms operate with little oversight while vulnerable actors in the informal food sector face over-regulation...

By Ihsaan Bassier, Refiloe Joala and Thando Vilakazi 14 Aug 2020

FLM campaign dents SA's deepening hunger crisis

Food Lover's Market's fourth annual Hunger Month campaign raised funds equating to 1,030,888 meals, exceeding the fresh produce retailer's 1 million meal target for 2020...

By Lauren Hartzenberg 7 Aug 2020

Global food prices continue to rise in July

According to a United Nations report, global food prices continue their upward trajectory for the second consecutive month in July, led by vegetable oils and dairy products...

6 Aug 2020

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