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Property market outlook flat as we head towards May elections

While we wait for the conclusion of the May elections and the economy to take the positive turn that we are all anticipating, it would be remiss not to continue cautioning that economic and property market recovery will take time...

By Samuel Seeff 16 Apr 2019

Choosing the retirement option that is right for you

When you retire from work, choosing where to spend the next phase of your life is probably the most important decision to make, and will depend on personal circumstances...

Issued by Private Property South Africa 12 Apr 2019

Is your home ready for winter?

The chilly season is creeping in. Here's how to make sure your home is ready to keep you and your family warm and cosy this winter...

Issued by Private Property South Africa 12 Apr 2019

Divercity takes transfer of Towers Main, redevelopment set to begin

Divercity Urban Renewal Fund has taken transfer of the 30-storey Towers Main building in Johannesburg's ABSA Precinct...

12 Apr 2019

New report: Africa to remain a compelling property investment destination

Knight Frank has published its new Africa Horizons report highlighting that office yields remained largely stable in most African markets over the past two years, anchored by patient domestic capital...

12 Apr 2019

Kenya property sector set to boom in 2019

Kenya's real estate industry is set to boom once again in 2019, following a stagnant economy brought on by political turmoil...

9 Apr 2019

10 tips for when the lights go out

Although the threat of loadshedding seems to have faded for now, it's always a good idea to stay prepared. Here are 10 ways you can stay loadshedding-ready...

Issued by Private Property South Africa 8 Apr 2019

Technology complements rather than replaces show houses as a sales tool

With the emergence of sophisticated electronic technology, almost all estate agents are now using advanced marketing tools...

8 Apr 2019

3 signs of a shifting property market

Like any free market, property is subject to cyclical highs and lows which can be difficult to predict as a private homeowner...

By Schalk van der Merwe 8 Apr 2019

Why building plans must be updated and fully approved by the local municipality

In order for a residential property to be sold or for a bond to be acquired, South Africa's banks are increasingly insisting that the property has up-to-date building plans which have been approved by the local municipality...

4 Apr 2019

What Moody's silence means for homeowners

International credit ratings agency Moody's was scheduled to make an announcement on South Africa's credit rating on Friday, 29 March. However, the agency failed to announce an updated rating...

By Adrian Goslett 2 Apr 2019

How loadshedding affects the residential market

The hows and whys of loadshedding and how it affects the property market...

Issued by Private Property South Africa 2 Apr 2019

New study: Improved housing doubles in Sub-Saharan Africa between 2000-2015

A new study published in the Nature International Journal of Science has revealed that improved housing had doubled in Sub-Saharan Africa between 2000 and 2015...

1 Apr 2019

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