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Red Cross frontline medics call for urgent support

"It's like a battlefield out here," says Prof Mignon McCulloch, a paediatrician on the frontline in the Red Cross Emergency Centre...

22 Jul 2020

Standard Chartered supports Smile Foundation with 25,000 N95 face masks

In support of South Africa's response to the Covid-19 pandemic, Standard Chartered has donated 25,000 N95 face masks to the Smile Foundation...

17 Jul 2020

Vulnerable SA community gets free immune booster to help fight Covid

A local health company has developed an immune-boosting supplement specifically for a vulnerable community to help protect against infections like Covid-19 and is donating a month's supply to 10,000 residents...

Issued by Leap Communications 14 Jul 2020

Adcock Ingram OTC in partnership with News24 announce winners in the Sponsors of Brave campaign

Over the past five months, the Sponsors of Brave campaign, a partnership between Adcock Ingram OTC and News24, published 12 heartwarming stories of brave pharmacists, doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals...

Issued by The SpaceStation 6 Jul 2020

Pharma Dynamics CEO kicks off Tutudesk Covid-19 Challenge with R1.2m pledge

Over the last two years, Pharma Dynamics has donated in excess of 45,000 Tutudesks to beneficiary schools in Mpumalanga and Limpopo...

22 Jun 2020

NGO donates over 4,000 masks to help those on Covid-19 frontline

South African NGO Smile Foundation has donated 4,000 N95 masks and 300 imported masks with 'germ trap' technology to medical workers on South Africa's Covid-19 frontline...

22 May 2020

Novartis pledges R13.3m to support SA efforts in alleviating Covid-19 pressures

Novartis SA has donated R13.3m to two local NGOs in support of their efforts...

18 May 2020

Pop-up pediatric Covid-19 unit opens in Paarl

Thirty-nine days into South Africa's national lockdown, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and South Africans are showing their resilience and ability to pull together as a community in new ways...

Issued by Jenny Griesel Communications 5 May 2020

The Sponsors of Brave campaign - 7th nominee - Doctor Hugo Tempelman

Through his clinic, Ndlovu Care Group, Hugo is known in the area as a generous and compassionate pillar of hope and strength...

Issued by The SpaceStation 29 Apr 2020

Cipla partners with Cricket SA for the Covid-19 awareness #NoHands challenge

For the next 21 days, people can see their cricketing heroes showing off their 'no hands' catching techniques while throwing out the challenge to teammates and other sports stars to do the same...

Issued by Cipla 2 Apr 2020

Our health is our humanity

Human Rights Day is cause for celebration, a recognition of the progress South Africa has made. Our rights make us who we are. But as the spread of coronavirus shows, it is our right to health that is at the crux of everything...

By Amy Pieterse, Issued by Ginkgo Agency 23 Mar 2020

Prioritising testing and treatment in 2020

The Cipla Foundation, through its Sha'p Left initiative, provides high-quality, customised chronic medicine pick-up point facilities (PUPs) around the country and recently landed its 20th PUP...

Issued by Cipla 11 Mar 2020

Over R2m worth of LifeStyles Condoms donated to Dis-Chem Foundation

LifeStyles Healthcare, a global leader in the sexual wellness sector, has donated more than R2m worth of LifeStyles Condoms to the Dis-Chem foundation who in turn will be distributing the condoms to various NGO's across South Africa...

Issued by ACDOCO SA 29 Jan 2020

Right to Sight Trust urgently needs funding in support of eyesight-saving surgery

The Right to Sight Trust, the philanthropic arm of the Opthalmological Society of South Africa (OSSA), has contributed more than R50m in servcies over the past three years to vision-restoring operations, but has now run out of funds...

27 Jan 2020

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