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#BehindtheMask: Dennis Lück, CCO and co-owner of Jung von Matt/Limmat

This week, we go behind the mask with Advertiser of the Year Dennis Lück, CCO and co-owner of Jung von Matt/Limmat.

Lück is this year's Loeries' international jury presidents, for Live, PR, OOH and Integrated. He's the most awarded creative in Switzerland, with the industry recently naming him Advertiser of the Year.

"I am mostly looking forward to learning from you all - your work, your opinions and your creativity. While we are at it let's have a great time, it’s been a difficult year!"

Dennis Lück, CCO and co-owner of Jung von Matt/Limmat.
Dennis Lück, CCO and co-owner of Jung von Matt/Limmat.

1. Where are you locked down?

I am locked down in Wohlen, Switzerland. Since March I've been working in my music room in my basement since I don't have an office at home. There I pretend to work, but every time I get the chance, I grab a guitar and play some heavy metal music.

2. How are you finding working from home or physical distancing at the office / how has your way of working changed?

Oh, I have to admit that I love working from home. Many people have difficulties with it, I don't. Just driving to work took two hours from my day. I’m using that time more effectively. The best is being around my kids, using breaks to chat with them or check their homework is priceless - such enrichment. Honestly, I will continue to work at home as often as possible. As for keeping the distance at the office - well, that is normal now.

3. Describe a typical workday, if such a thing exists.

I get up really early which is almost uncharacteristic for a creative. My day starts at 5am and I work for two hours before the kids wake up. We have breakfast together, share a few laughs and the occasional fight, then they are off to school. I continue with my work in the afternoon until they come back around 5pm. Normally, I manage to get all my work done by then and I grab a well-deserved beer. That is the only downside of the home office as the fridge is way too close (laughs).

4. How do you maintain a good rapport with your teammates/clients?

Here in Switzerland, we are able to meet again which is great although in limited numbers with everyone wearing a mask. Once a week is suffice, then we do the rest in virtually. The personal meeting provides the energy for all the non-personal meetings afterwards.

5. How do you socialise these days?

Haha, I was really bad even before lockdown. No, just kidding. I’m finding I socialise less with my colleagues, but a lot more with my family and neighbours, which is not a bad thing.

6. What do you do to keep fit/healthy and/or sane (physically/mentally)?

Because I drink a lot more alcohol (to keep sane), I go running more often to burn the alcohol. I have the luxury to live directly near a forest, so I go there almost every day. The forest is my therapy.

7. What new apps would we find if we scrolled through your phone?

I always work with music in my ears. So I uploaded many, many apps from radio stations all over the world that play heavy music. My favourite from South Africa is RA Rock.

8. Share your favourite Covid-19/lockdown-related meme/gif with us.

#BehindtheMask: Dennis Lück, CCO and co-owner of Jung von Matt/Limmat

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*Interviewed by Jessica Tennant.

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