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TikTok 101: How to get started

TikTok is a short-form video platform with millions of users logging on each day to either create their own short videos or simply consume the light-hearted-videos shared by others.
For the ever-growing number of South Africans already active on the platform, it’s the go-to platform for short-form videos, but for those who aren’t, it could be because you don’t completely understand what it’s all about...

So what is TikTok?

TikTok is a destination for creating and discovering real, interesting, and fun short-form mobile videos that will make your day.

The platform offers a home for creative expression, encouraging users to share real moments from their lives, and delivers a personalised video feed based on what they watch, like, and share.

As the curation of video recommendations is customised to each user based on their viewing preferences, you’ll receive an effortless, compelling, and personal viewing experience.

The platform also offers a wide range of content creation tools, including special effects and video editing tools that support creators to develop content and achieve the most ideal effect that reflects their creative desire. The only limit is your imagination!

There are two ways to enjoy TikTok - either by creating and posting videos or by consuming the entertaining content available from users across the world.

How to get started

1. Download the TikTok app

By simply downloading the app from Google Play or App Store, you’ll be able to view all the content. However, should you wish to create and post your own content, and you’ll need to set up an account.

2. Create an account

Create an account by using either an email address, phone number or sign in through third-party sign-on systems. You’ll then be asked to enter your birth date and to verify your account via email or contact number.

3. Control your privacy

Your account will automatically be set to public when signing up, however, this can easily be changed to private by simply tapping the three dots in the top right corner of the profile screen.

In this privacy and safety window, users can easily adjust their account settings to control who views and interacts with their content. There are also various tools, support options and educational tips for users to ensure that they can take control of their account, content and connections.

4. Start enjoying content curated for your personal viewing preferenc

Congratulations – you now have a functional TikTok account! As soon as you open the TikTok platform, the “For You” feed will appear, which provides endless content to scroll through for bite-sized entertainment. The interests-based recommendations system will also help you to discover new and global audiences.

5. Challenge yourself

A function that makes TikTok especially engaging is the multiple, regularly released challenges - across various themes – most of which tend to go viral overnight.

To learn more about these challenges – and to create your own challenge content - explore some of the top, local challenges currently active on the platform:
  • #likeasouthafrica
  • #iusedtobebeautiful
  • #gobokke
  • #dameschallenge
  • #MzanziOriginal
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