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Montague Properties partners Eltherm to mitigate 'dead legs' at Jackal Creek Golf Estate

Montague Properties recently partnered with heat tracing specialists Eltherm South Africa to overcome temperature maintenance challenges in the Jackal Creek Golf Estate water reticulation system.
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Based in Roodepoort, Johannesburg, the golf estate’s reticulation system had been experiencing difficulties with hot water - residents were complaining that large volumes of water were wasted before it would reach the right temperature. Following an investigation, Eltherm found that this was due to 'dead legs' - water sat in the pipes and cooled during the night or day.

To overcome this challenge, Eltherm designed and installed an electrical heat tracing (EHT) solution that would mitigate the dead legs in the reticulation system. This was done by maintaining the water temperature coming from the boiler. The system also allowed the developer to comply with building code SANS 10400 XA 10204 which stipulates that no more than four litres of water can be wasted before hot water reaches 60°C.
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