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Facebook partners with Loeries 2020 to support diverse young talent in South Africa

For the fifth consecutive year, Facebook is sponsoring the student category at the Loeries in order to champion diverse, young creative talent.
Facebook partners with Loeries 2020 to support diverse young talent in South Africa

This includes the much coveted Loeries Student Instagram Challenge, which sees students tackle a real-world problem through the power of mobile creative. Young people in Africa and the Middle East were invited to create a mobile-first Instagram campaign for underage drinking in association with Aware.org – the Association for Alcohol Awareness and Responsibility.

The winner of the Instagram Challenge will be announced during the Loeries broadcast of Creative Week (16 to 20 November) showcasing the best creative minds, talent and brands from across Africa and the Middle East. The discussions and debates will be shown across three channels: Loeries Presents, Loeries Conversations and Loeries Engage, which include an interactive workshop with Instagram.

This year, in celebration of Instagram’s 10th year anniversary, the Loeries will also play home to a virtual 'House of Instagram' on Tuesday, 17 November, where key Instagram trends and innovation will be highlighted.

“We are really excited about how young people are using the mobile canvas, specifically Instagram, to create, innovate and, in keeping with the Loeries theme, #CreateChange,” says Elizma Nolte, regional marketing manager for sub-Saharan Africa at Facebook. “At a time that society is debating the dangers of underage drinking and promoting behaviour change, the Facebook and Instagram Stories ads we saw astonished us with their authenticity and raw power. We look forward to showcasing the winning campaign across Instagram in 2021. And, of course, celebrating 10 years of Instagram with the creative industry.”

Preetesh Sewraj, CEO of the Loerie Awards, adds: “The future of the world lies in the hands of young people and through encouraging them to deepen their curiosity and sharpen their problem-solving skills, we go a long way in improving creativity and innovation”.

The broadcast version of Loeries Creative Week 2020 will have three channels with over 75 hours of content. The three channels are Loeries Presents, Loeries Conversations and Loeries Engage. The Instagram Challenge for Students winner will be announced on Wednesday, 16 November at 4pm. Visit the website to learn more: www.loeries.com

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