[Biz Takeouts Lineup] 16: Destination marketing and cultural awareness

Biz Takeouts is going all Indian at 6pm-7pm tonight, Wednesday, 21 September 2011, by looking at various Indian stage shows and festivals and the growth of Indian airline Jet Airways. We will also discuss destination marketing and how to create cultural awareness. Tune in to the Bizcommunity/Chai FM Media & Marketing radio show on 101.9 FM in Johannesburg and via streaming audio. [twitterfall]

Tonight's lineup

  • Show host: Toby Shapshak (@shapshak)
  • In-studio guest: Ankur Bhardwaj, who coordinates all production components for various stage shows/festivals in India and across continents for Teamwork, including Shared History - The Indian Experience in South Africa
  • In-studio guest: Rajiv Malhotra, country manager of Jet Airways
  • Agency focus: humankind
  • Weekly news roundup: Bizcommunity marketing manager Warren Harding (@WazzaBiz)

Discussions topics

  • How to market a country
  • How to create awareness of culture
  • How to use that to create brand excitement and diversity for travel marketing

How to listen

For the very best highlights of marketing and media news in South Africa and Africa:

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A podcast of the show will be available later during the week.

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