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Eduvos partners with EON Reality to bring AI solutions to higher education

Eduvos is partnering with EON Reality, Inc. ("EON Reality"), a global leader in the Virtual and Augmented Reality ("XR") industry to provide students and faculty across its 12 campuses with education solutions powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI). The new-age technology will transform the learning experience.
Eduvos partners with EON Reality to bring AI solutions to higher education

Eduvos is committed to keeping its learning relevant and current. The institution has already embraced flexible learning by offering students a modern mix of in-person and online learning experiences. The partnership with EON Reality will now bring an added practical dimension to learning.

EON Reality’s solutions will provide Eduvos students and faculty with intuitive Augmented and Virtual Reality tools that will take learning to the next level. Combined with a groundbreaking level of AI, these tools and products will provide both lecturers and students with the ability to design highly engaging, interactive educational experiences.

“We are delighted to enter this partnership with EON,” says Eduvos CEO Siegie Brownlee. “Our philosophy at Eduvos is that learning is not only about what our graduates know, but also about what they can do. We know that learning takes place significantly faster and is more thorough when students can practically apply what they have learnt. EON technology will give our students this experiential meta learning edge, as well as an advantage in the job market.

Eduvos educators are committed to preparing students for the real world of work outside of the classroom. With EON’s products, instructors will be able to provide students with hands-on experiences that simulate the working world. “The XR solutions are designed to be accessible via smartphones, laptops or XR headsets and can be used by anyone, without advanced technical knowledge. We plan on embedding AI and XR experiences across our faculties of law, commerce, applied sciences, arts, humanities, and technology” says Brownlee.

“We are excited to teach law in virtual courtrooms that are modelled on the real world, and tourism by utilising the ability to teleport to those locations.”, says Dr Riaan Steenberg, a director of Eduvos.

Dan Lejerskar, founder, chairman and CEO of EON Reality, says, “Progressive institutions like Eduvos are perfect fits for EON Reality and our large suite of solutions.

“Eduvos’ mission of empowering people through education aligns with EON Reality’s belief that knowledge is a human right, and their reach combines smoothly with our global network. Eduvos has been working hard to ensure South Africans of all backgrounds have access to education needed to change the world, and EON solutions will help Eduvos students and faculty take their education even further.”

The world is increasingly embracing the metaverse. Experts believe that the metaverse will be worth $800 billion by 2024. Around 90% of executives say their organisations see growth opportunities in the metaverse.

The technology will be incorporated into Eduvos’s learning from the fourth block of 2023.

Read EON Reality’s statement here.

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