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Play it Forward rooftop concerts: Ard Matthews gets innovative during #SALockdown

Last week, one day into the nationwide 21-day lockdown, those residing in Hout Bay may have heard the soothing strains of one Ard Matthews, of Just Jinjer fame, resounding over the neighbourhood.
Not a recording this was a live performance atop the rooftop of the artist’s house. On a whim, Matthews decided to host the ‘concert’ that day in aid of helping those struggling, in particular musicians, due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Raising over R27,921 through Quicket sale donations Matthews has donated R20,000 of that amount to worthy beneficiaries nominated by the public.

So successful was the inaugural Play it Forward rooftop concert that Ard Matthews has decided to host anther from 4-6 pm today!

At least 75% of the proceeds raised (depending on final amount) will be donated to those in need as identified by nominees with the most 'likes' on the 'official beneficiary' post on Ard Matthews Facebook page. To nominate beneficiaries click here.

To donate head to, donations close on Monday, 6 April at 5pm.

Stream the live Play it Forward 2 concert on Facebook.

We sent a few questions to Matthews to find out more about these innovative shows and how artists can help themselves and each other in these unprecedented times.

BizcommunityYou say the first concert was a spur of the moment idea, what spurred it exactly?

I literally woke up on Saturday morning and decided to use my roof because it has such a great vantage point. I had no idea that it would have the results and the success that it did. Such a cool show of unity during this time. 

BizcommunityHow do you decide who or where the money should be donated to?

I decided to create one official post on my Facebook page called ‘official beneficiary’ now many and then I’ve asked people to make their nominations and whichever nominations’ (top five or so) get the most likes by the end of the period will receive the funds. 

BizcommunityWhat advice would you give to local musicians currently struggling due to the Covid-19 pandemic?

Now is the time more than ever before for us to think about what more we can be as human beings not just as musicians. Our minds and hearts will open now more than ever before that is my home. 

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BizcommunityHow do you hope musicians and humanity, in general, can come out of this pandemic better and stronger? 

What’s interesting about this pandemic is it it’s going to be remembered as the greatest leveller.  There are no celebrities, influencers, there are no superstars there are no super-wealthy anymore. We are only humans now and the human spirit will conquer all if we keep it together. 

BizcommunityYour top tips for staying sane during the lockdown?

There’s never been a better time to write a book, write a song, learn an instrument or learn about yourself than ever before and when all else fails there’s always Xbox and PlayStation.

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