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#WomensMonth: The rise and rise of Sho Madjozi

Rapper, singer, songwriter and actress Sho Madjozi has been blazing a name for herself in the past few months. Winner of the recent Sama Newcomer of the Year and Female Artist of the Year, creator of number one hits as well as star in some major campaigns and commercials, this creative young starlet is representing our strong local female Gen Z artists in fresh new way.
We got in touch for the tail-end of Women’s Month to chat new sounds, equality in the industry and Ru Paul’s Drag Race.

BizcommunityCongrats on your recent Sama wins? What does winning Newcomer of the Year and Female Artist of the Year mean to you

I was extremely excited and proud of myself and my team. We worked hard, we had to ignore a lot of discouragement and follow our guts and it paid off.

All the 2019 SAMA winners

The 25th annual South African Music Awards took place at Sun City over the weekend and saw Sho Madjozi, Sjava and DJ Black Coffee dominate...

3 Jun 2019

BizcommunityWhat advice would you give to young female SA musicians wanting to make a name for themselves in the industry?

Try to learn a skill. Don’t just be a face or a voice. Get your voice trained, learn how to use music software or film equipment. Don’t just be cute, be skilled.  

BizcommunityHow would you describe your sound if it was an outfit?

It’s like if Hogwarts was in Africa. My music would be the clothes they wear when they are not at school.

BizcommunityWhat local female artists do you think deserve more recognition?

Msaki, I think, is an amazing songwriter. TDK Macassette is a delightful entertainer with really good songs. And Thando Nje, a singer-songwriter from Pretoria deserves to blow.  

BizcommunityWhat are your thoughts on how Generation Z has impacted the local music industry? 

I think for the first time we are bringing in completely new sounds. The kwaito era was lifting beats directly from American songs. The house era back then was also a copy of what was happening in Detroit.

The disco musicians used even the same cover art as the groups they were copying from abroad. You’ve never heard gqom before. It sounds fresh, it sounds urgent and it sounds like it is ours.

BizcommunityWhat are your thoughts on Women's Month? Why is it an important month for you?

It’s cool because it gives me an excuse to talk about things that affect women.

Sho Madjozi, Stayfree introduce chatbot to make periods convos pain-free

Sho Madjozi and Stayfree have launched a Facebook chatbot aimed at making conversations about menstrual health pain-free. In Sync with Sho Madjozi is available for free...

14 Aug 2019

BizcommunityWhat would you like to see change for women in the music industry?

Women writers and vocalists deserve their respect and recognition. People will say “Midnight Starring” is a Maphorisa song and ignore Moonchild and Busisiwa. Sometimes one singer has written and sung the song from beginning to end and radio DJs will just mention the male DJ or producer and not even mention the woman who carried the song. How many female vocalists have made smash hits with Black Coffee, DJ Fresh, Ganyani and we don’t know them?

BizcommunityYour guilty pleasure?

Watching Ru Paul’s Drag Race! And listening to nostalgic country songs.

BizcommunityWhat’s your hidden talent?

I’m good at braiding and playing soccer and basketball. 

Sho Madjozi's 'John Cena' trends after hitting one million views on YouTube

The hashtag #JohnCena was trending on Twitter on Thursday following South African artist Sho Madjozi announcing that her "John Cena" single hit one million views on YouTube.

By Shereesa Moodley 23 Aug 2019

BizcommunityYour favourite emoji?

The blushing one with eyes wide open. There are just so many times in which that applies. 

BizcommunityWhat’s next? 

Building a super team of young creatives and then building and growing!

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