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Chris Pappas, the war for KZN is on!

Chris Pappas, the war for KZN is on!

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    What to expect when you own and drive an EV. AutoTrader spells it out

    There aren't many electric cars on our roads. Most South Africans have never even seen an electric vehicle (EV), never mind driven one. Understandably, little is known about them. And that leads to misconceptions. But those in the know can tell a very different story.
    What to expect when you own and drive an EV. AutoTrader spells it out

    Increasing knowledge and debunking misconceptions about the EV was the primary purpose behind AutoTrader’s SA #ElectricCarChallenge. This year’s event – AutoTrader’s second – also showcased the performance of four EVs during a non-stop drive at 120km/h on a typically hot day with the aircon set at 21°C. Designed to test each car’s travel distance capability on a single charge, the experiment revealed that EVs typically have a range of 272km to 307km when driven from 100% to 10% battery charge.

    The event brings ‘behind the scenes’ insight into the electric car, helping consumers to reconsider previously held perceptions about EVs and their capabilities.

    “Car shoppers want more information before taking the plunge and buying an EV. They want to know what to expect when they own and drive an EV, and they want to know how load shedding will affect charging these electric cars,” explains AutoTrader CEO George Mienie.

    With rolling blackouts becoming the norm, charging and power formed the focus for the 2022 campaign. Want to know how you can charge your EV? What’s the quickest way? What it costs to charge, or how to extend your range while you drive? The ensemble of filmed pieces on AutoTrader’s YouTube channel tells all.

    Despite what many people believe, it’s not just the electric car affected by load shedding. The fuel-powered car is also impacted; fuel cannot be pumped without electricity¹, unless there is backup power.

    But whilst there’s only one way to fuel a combustion engine car, there are five charging options with an EV. There’s the domestic socket (not something you can do with a fuel-powered car), the home wallbox, AC and DC public charging, as well as regenerative braking, a charging method that gains EV drivers additional range while they drive.

    Slowest to fastest charging methods, as well as range consumers can expect from a 30-minute charge are showcased. DC charging, the fastest method, can provide 123km of range.

    Extending the EV’s range by adjusting one’s driving style, like using eco mode and refraining from hard acceleration, is also featured.

    EVs are smart. Their technology will tell you much of what you need to know, including remaining range or where the nearest charging station is.

    And South Africa has plenty of charging points. Even so, 80% of charging takes place at home…often while we’re sleeping. Still, if you have solar power and the sun’s out, that too can be a good time to plug in.

    Many consumers are unaware of the significant cost savings to running an EV. Apart from less maintenance costs, “filling the tank” in an EV is dirt cheap compared to filling up with fuel. Both help to offset the EV’s higher initial cost.

    Going green doesn’t mean slow and boring. Aside from being eco-friendly, the EV features mind-boggling acceleration. Instantaneous torque catapults it forward faster than a fuel-powered car… in some cases as quickly as a jet fighter. For performance-fixated South Africans, this is perhaps one of the EV’s most appealing characteristics.


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