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Company offers green printing solution

greenOffice is a South African company that specialises in complete document solutions for the office. By encouraging South Africans to recycle and 'go green', this innovative company has grown and developed substantially over the last 16 years, moving from the remanufacturing of used printer cartridges to offering a full managed print service.
In 2011, greenOffice was instrumental in the setting up of greenABLE, the first and only printer cartridge recycling facility in the whole of Africa. Today, greenABLE is a highly successful non-profit company based in Pinetown, KwaZulu-Natal and the project has just been awarded the NPO category of the Mail&Guardian 'Decade of Greening the Future' awards in 2013.

Through skills development and the creation of job opportunities, greenABLE not only reduces the level of waste products produced through office printing but it also gives back to the surrounding community by educating members of the community and thus enabling families to support themselves and those around them. " greenOFFICE is an organisation that is passionate about making a difference and adding value to people lives. Every single person we interact with as a business must feel like we have touched their lives" says Director Wayne Fyvie.

Manage your printing environment

greenOffice offers companies the opportunity to manage their printing environment through their Managed Print Services or MPS, providing transparency and clarity on the costs involved in their office document creation environments in order to encourage companies to reduce their waste, be more efficient in the use of resources and, ultimately, reduce their current total cost of ownership of printing devices by between 30-50%.

greenOffice's remanufactured, quality laser printer cartridges are built to compete with traditional printer products in terms of print quality, as well as page yields, and the company constantly strives to ensure exceptional product and service excellence. The entire MPS solution also includes cartridge supplying, the collection and recycling of used cartridges, and the servicing and maintenance of printing hardware to ensure the office's printing equipment always functions at optimal efficiency.

The MPS product is unusual in the printing supplies market as it encourages companies to use less and to conserve more in order to reduce their carbon footprint. Document production, which includes printing, copying and scanning, can carry a large cost for companies as well as for the environment. Document production is not only harmful to the environment due to sourcing paper from trees, but also through energy consumption and waste production in the form of cartridges adding to landfill mass and pollution. By implementing a MPS solution such as greenOffice's, companies are guaranteed to drastically reduce their overheads while also helping to save the environment.

In the end, an effective MPS solution can not only save you money, it can help you save the earth.
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