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Food Lover's Market launches Hunger Month campaign

Food Lover's Market has launched its annual Hunger Month initiative - a month-long in-store campaign aimed at raising awareness and funds for meals by encouraging consumers to purchase selected partner products.

Despite South Africa being a net exporter of food, 14 million citizens are vulnerable to hunger on a daily basis and the campaign - now in its third year - hopes to reach and exceed one million meals in 2019. The campaign raised enough money to facilitate the distribution of 733,179 meals last year.

Shoppers can show their support by purchasing any of the following products in Food Lover’s Market stores:
  • 1.5kg bag of Tru-Cape Apples or a 1.5kg bag of Tru-Cape Pears;
  • 7kg pocket of potatoes or onions from Wenpro;
  • 1.5L Simpl. Juice;
  • 3kg bag of Rugani carrots or a 750ml Rugani Veggie Juice.

Any of these products bought between 1 May and 28 May 2019 will contribute the required R0.90c FoodForward SA needs to provide one meal’s worth of food to a hungry South African. In addition, Food Lover’s Market will donate R0.90c for any burger meal sold in Market Cafes during the month of May and will donate 1% of turnover on 28 May directly to FoodForwardSA.

Says Kate Marais, head of CSI at Food Lover’s Market, “Statistics from the latest South African Health and Nutrition Examination Survey found that 28% of urban households are at risk of being hungry, while 26% are already experiencing hunger. In rural areas, the statistics are higher at 32% and 36% respectively.”

“To us it means that food insecurity is a real problem faced by a significant portion of our population and it’s no longer just the problem of an NGO, government or corporate - but it’s really everyone’s problem.”

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25 Apr 2019

“FoodForward SA has a partnership with Food Lover’s Market that goes back several years. The annual Food Lover’s Market Hunger Month initiative is the result of the strengthening of this relationship, to ensure that we strategically address South Africa’s very serious hunger problem in innovative ways. This is an opportunity for consumers not only to engage with our work as FoodForward SA, but to get involved and be part of the solution in a practical and positive way,” said Andy du Plessis, managing director of FoodForward SA.

Food Lover’s Market Hunger Month culminates on 28 May - which is World Hunger Day - and Food Lover’s Market will be donating 1% of its overall sales on this day, towards the initiative.
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leilah potter
Now wouldn't it be lovely if they would donate their remaining hot meals or nearing expiring goods to neighbouring night shelters or orphanages??
Posted on 9 May 2019 13:36
Jean Harkett
Hi there Leilah, I'd like to invite you to connect with Earth Lover's - the sustainability arm of the Food Lover's Market Group. The Head of CSI would love to chat around your comment and the work that Food Lover's Market is doing across the group and the communities they operate in. The email is
Posted on 28 May 2019 10:14