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Five top market research trends for 2017

SmartSurvey, a UK-based provider of digital survey solutions, has published its five emerging trends in market research and what will drive success in 2017.
Market research is the best method for any B2B and B2C marketer to find out what they are doing well. Successful organisations around the world are developing their business strategies – with the aid of customer data – to make marketing decisions, which subsequently drive business growth.

The five trends are:

    1. Review security standards of your survey provider
    2. Management of data
    3. Use consumer panel research to reach a target audience
    4. Become more mobile friendly
    5. Stay up-to-date with data protection laws
© Alena Saklakova via 123RF
Mo Naser, sales and marketing director at SmartSurvey commented, “Online surveys are the best method for tapping into the views and opinions of your customers. Customer-led, digital marketing will accelerate fast in 2017 and we want to help marketers stay informed about industry trends so that they can make smart business decisions.”

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