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Brands Africa chooses Cquential

Brands Africa has chosen Cquential's warehouse management solution to run its extensive warehouse facility.
© Mr.Nachai Sorasee – 123RF.com
Brands Africa is a distributor of FMCG products to the Central African Region. Based in Zimbabwe, the company boasts many years’ experience of successful trading in under-developed markets and turbulent environments. Brands Africa represents both local and international companies with strong brands providing leverage and recognition in these emerging markets.

Peter Tselentis, CEO of Brands Africa, has revealed that the company engaged the services of an external supply chain consultant to assist with the process of finding a suitable WMS.

“We appreciated Cquential’s pragmatic and open approach, which included advising us to take a phased approach to roll out, as opposed to implementing the comprehensive solution in one go – thereby giving us better control and change management ability. This highlighted Cquential’s real understanding of effecting change in an operational environment.”

He confirmed that the implementation of the Cquential solution will improve stock accuracy, enhance Brands Africa’s customer service, and result in a dramatic reduction in order turnaround times.

Deploying the right solution

“It was refreshing to have advice from a potential supplier that was utterly focused on deploying the right solution for our company and the most successful roll-out methodology,” added Tselentis.

Cquential WMS for the cloud is the only cloud-based WMS that has been completely developed in SA and is uniquely positioned to leverage what is happening in supply chain with the global trend towards a move to cloud.

Cquential's CEO, Steve Mallaby noted that the company’s WMS enables companies to manage all the elements of the warehouse, essentially transforming it to become an integral part of the supply chain. “It has been developed to be an easy to deploy, cost-effective warehouse management system that empowers businesses to manage inventory, and drive integration effectively, plus collaboration across the supply chain,” said Mallaby.

Mallaby confirmed that Cquential’s cloud-based WMS facilitates operating cost reductions provides real-time stock accuracy and visibility, tighter control and efficiency, and accurate first time deliveries with fewer customer returns.

“The delivery of these mission critical improvements to Brands Africa’s warehouse management capability translated into Cquential being a unique fit for the company’s WMS requirements.”
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Nathan Davidson
Being a large establishment that has made significant impact in the industry, they should indeed be taking one step at a time. Having their warehousing facility managed by a company that practices a slow and steady approach is a safer option to ensure processes do not fall apart right when they are just starting out.
Posted on 22 Dec 2018 08:39
Michael Maloney
If you were going to go about trying to upgrade your facility, I reckon that you would want to ensure that the person in charge of helping you with that is taking care of you and trying to understand the needs of your company before they try to start implementing changes in your business units! Anything other than that would be disastrous!
Posted on 26 Dec 2018 05:10