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Online designer shopping sales launched

On 29 March 2010, 36boutiques, a private event retailer and luxury-shopping concept in South Africa, launches its first online designer boutique sale, featuring both men and women's wear.
36boutiques has entered into a partnership with South African-born and internationally known photographer Kevin Macintosh to provide images for the website landing pages.

During sale events, members will have exclusive access to discounts of 35-80% off the retail price of South Africa's most desirable designer labels, as well as imported luxury brands. These are not designer floor rejects but hand-selected by the 36boutiques team. Sale events will feature various boutiques and each sale lasts for only 36 hours - from 12pm on a Monday to the same time on a Wednesday.

The offering is exclusively South African, says Nicky Boy, head of 36boutiques, "It will provide direct access to both local and international brands for South African shoppers who appreciate world-class design. It is a safe online destination that offers exclusive designer items at significantly discounted prices."

The first event sale will feature items from Stefania Morland's boutique. Amongst others, event sales from Jingle & Chime (SA singer Louise Carver's jewellery range), Hermanna Rush and iconic British brand Ben Sherman will follow.

Successful European model

This form of luxury retailing has achieved enormous success in Europe and the US, where companies like Vente Privee and Gilt dominate the market. French private event retailer, Vente Privee had annual revenue of 700 million Euros in 2009 and a membership of over 7 million shoppers.

Besides the obvious benefits of discounted prices on designer wear for customers, 36boutiques is also providing designers and retail stores with an innovative new platform to access customers. Boy says it will open new markets to designers and retailers by introducing customers to luxury brands to which they may not have been exposed before. "Once customers fall in love with a brand, we are sure they will visit designers' retail stores to satisfy their craving," she adds.

Customers sign up to become an exclusive member online at, which is free.
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