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Why the Motus dealer network is the best place to buy your next car

Learning how to drive and passing your driver's licence is a major life milestone. Once you have that little card in your hands - the next step is to get your own set of wheels. Buying your first car can be quite daunting - here are five tips from to help you through the process.
Why the Motus dealer network is the best place to buy your next car

1. Do your research before and during the car-buying process

Car-buying research includes searching for the make and model of your desired car and making sure there aren’t any major consumer complaints, recalls, or safety-related defects. Just because you like the look doesn’t mean it’s a good first-time car. It’s important to keep your emotions at bay when researching your ideal first vehicle. Research the costs of fuel consumption, maintenance, and repairs. The blog section on is a great source of the latest information on news and new models while the vehicle comparison tool helps you accurately compare vehicles on your shortlist taking every detail into account

2. Establish a budget

Be realistic with your car budget. If you have to pay for the car yourself, this is an important time to demonstrate responsibility. While the best option would be to pay cash, usually that’s just not possible. Most car buyers need some sort of financing.

Remember that you don’t only need enough for the monthly repayments, you also need to take into account other fixed expenses such as insurance, maintenance, registration, repairs and of course petrol. South Africans currently spend more on fuel than on new cars.

The finance calculator on is a great tool for establishing exactly how much you can afford.

3. Consider a pre-owned vehicle

Your budget will be the biggest factor in determining if you can buy a new car or if you should opt for a pre-owned vehicle. Certified pre-owned vehicles are the best kind of used car you can buy and offer excellent value for money. All the pre-owned vehicles available through the motus network are listed on allowing you to shop and compare and choose from thousands of vehicles easily and conveniently thanks to enhanced website functionality and search filters.

4. Inspect the car, inside and out

While online shopping makes the hunt for your next set of wheels so much easier. The next step is visiting dealerships and physically inspecting the cars on your shortlist. In addition to a visual inspection of the inside and outside of the car, you’ll want to take it for a test drive. Now is the time to find out the history of the vehicle – ask questions like if the car has been in an accident, if it has a full-service history and if any major repairs or maintenance was recently done.

5. Know who you are dealing with

The most important part of the car buying process is making sure that you are dealing with a reputable seller.

Dealing with a trusted brand such as Motus and their extensive dealer network will ensure that you can choose from an unrivalled variety of cars and that you can shop with peace of mind knowing that you are dealing with the actual owner of the car.

Motus, South Africa’s largest and leading automotive group, owns and operates more than 300 dealerships, which result in Motus selling approximately one in every five new vehicles in South Africa.

In order to achieve this, the Motus new car dealer network represents 33 OEM brands across passenger, commercial vehicles, and motorcycles.

In addition, Motus retail a large amount of pre-owned vehicles through a dedicated and extensive pre-owned dealership network. The Motus pre-owned dealer network includes trusted brands such as Motus Select and Auto Pedigree, of which there are over 100 facilities in South Africa, as well as OEM pre-owned facilities.

Motus also operate 39 mega sites or so called multi franchises in all the major cities around South Africa. Multi franchise dealerships consists of a variety of new car brands as well as pre-owned offerings and several shared services, all located on the same site. This concept gives customers a wide variety to choose from when shopping for a new or pre-owned vehicle, in one convenient location.

Multi-franchises ensure that customers are offered a wide variety of vehicles, covering every segment and price point, within walking distance of each other, which ensures that they can easily find the car that matches their needs and budget best and make a truly informed purchasing decision. Another advantage of a multi-franchise is that it gives customers exposure to a variety of brands when visiting the dealership, such as when booking their car in for a service and facilitates the trading in of vehicles across brands seamlessly.

The pre-owned vehicle offerings available throughout the Motus dealer network include the well-known brands Motus Select and Auto Pedigree.

Motus Select pride themselves in offering good quality pre-owned vehicles that adhere to strict criteria that guarantees the quality and allows motorists to shop with confidence. This includes a 110-point quality check.

Auto Pedigree has been selling high quality pre-owned vehicles to South African motorists for over 40 years. During this time Auto Pedigree has developed a reputation for offering quality used vehicles and great service. All vehicles sold through Auto Pedigree are subjected to a thorough mechanical and electrical test to ensure that they are in excellent condition before going on sale.

All vehicles offered for sale by the Motus dealer network, both new and pre-owned, are also listed on is SA’s only true online vehicle aggregator and here shoppers can search for their next car via a variety of search filters, compare cars, calculate finance and shop with confidence knowing that they are dealing with SA’s largest dealer group who own all the cars that they offer for sale.

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