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Custom media the way of the future

Content that is of value and authentic will continue to grow as readers demand it, and it is custom media that is delivering this.
“That is why custom media is the way of the future,” says Sean Press, CEO & Business Development Director, Contact Media.

He believes that magazines will only stop when people stop reading. This said, people are reading differently today – they have less time – and it is only when content is of a substantial quality and valuable to them that they will give it their time.

“Mainstream publications are on the decline, as more and more information is accessible to the consumer online. In contrast, custom media provides specific information to a specific community that is not accessible online,” he says.

A strong statement, but the press can back it up by his publications' strong performance in the recent Audit Bureau of Circulations (ABC) circulation figures release. Contact Media’s publications are some of the few print products that have shown growth, with its publication, Spotong not only increasing its circulation, but taking the top spot in its category.

A publication for the more than 18,000 entrepreneurs and informal traders who run small to medium-sized businesses in the township sector, Spotong content is educational, informative and empowering its readers.

“People are looking for authentic, tailor-made experiences and relevant content, and Spotong delivers this to its target audience. Many people in this community have not had the benefit of this type of content that Spotong provides them with. It is helping them to grow their businesses,” he says.

This approach to content and communities is what has made Spotong – as well as Contact Media’s other publications – so successful. “The content we create is relevant to and around a predetermined community and target market. We do not hope the community comes, we cater for them specifically, we pick them specifically,” he explains.

This, he adds, together with well thought out content, integrated with other platforms, is what adds value to people’s lives.

However, this value does not come cheap. “The biggest challenge moving forward is for marketers to stop looking at cost per 1,000 in isolation, and instead focus on the disposable spend of consumers. Creating a tailor-made solution cannot be the cheapest, but customer marketing experiences will give you the most value,” he stresses.

Therefore, his challenge is to marketers to look at integrated marketing campaigns with different touchpoints. “Clients want ROI marketing. If marketers and media owners work together to reach the clients goals, then it’s a win-win for everyone. I believe in win-win for all through fair value and investment.”

About Danette Breitenbach

Danette Breitenbach was the editor and publisher of Advantage, the publication that served the marketing, media and advertising industry in southern Africa. Before her editorship, she was deputy-editor as well as freelancing for over a year on the publication before that. She has worked extensively in print media, mainly B2B, in the fields of marketing, mining, disability marketing, advertising and media.
Advice in this article is far too generalised to t
Very well said! Gone are the days of "spray and pray"... it's time to fish where the fish are and with custom publishing being the only print medium [including community newspapers] that is growing in a digital era, including the unique digital subscribers of these printed targeted audience vehicles. "Print" is not dead - it is very much alive! The only difference is, print is doing business differently and offer that multi-media experience which speaks to targeted audiences on both an emotional and opted in level. Expert opinion at your fingertips! Print drives traffic to digital, skip this key fact in Media Strategies and you miss the boat completely!
Posted on 24 Feb 2017 08:47
Chantal Barton
True - skip this key fact and you are saying "like " me but whatever you do do not invite me in to talk to me personally! How many times have you heard "we don't do print"? Well - We don't do "print" either... we offer expert opinion and content relevant to and around a predetermined community and target market. We do not hope the community comes, we cater for them specifically, we pick them specifically. Well said Sean! :-)
Posted on 24 Feb 2017 09:38



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