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40,000 professional dollar millionaires are key to South African economic success

Profmed has launched season two of its award-winning vodcast series to tackle a range of conversations relevant for South Africans at the forefront of job creation and GDP stimulation...

Issued by Profmed 22 hours ago

Cryptocurrency adoption in Africa: The ups and downs

Africa is booming in terms of cryptocurrency adoption, according to the 2020 Geography of Cryptocurrency Report by Chainalysis...

By Eugene Yiga 14 Jun 2021

SDG 8 is even more important in the light of the Covid-19 pandemic

The rapid growth in technological innovations that demand structural transformation, economic development and social change leaves one wondering where jobs will come from and what they will look like?...

By Damian Judge, Issued by SAICA 10 Jun 2021

More doing and less talking: The path to financial inclusion in Africa

Financial inclusion is not happening fast enough, even though the virtues of fintech's potential to bring hundreds of millions of people who are outside the mainstream are constantly touted...

By Andy Jury 10 Jun 2021

South Africa's fiscal deficits declining "faster than expected" - S&P Global

South Africa's fiscal deficits are declining slightly faster than initial expectations, but slow progress on the rollout of coronavirus vaccines and structural reforms will continue to hamper progress, ratings firm S&P Global...

By Mfuneko Toyana 4 Jun 2021

Covid-19 has shown that following the same road will lead the world over a precipice

Despite the tragic deaths, suffering and sadness that it has caused, the pandemic could go down in history as the event that rescued humanity. It has created a once-in-a-generation opportunity to reset our lives and societies onto a sustainable path...

By Ian Goldin 2 Jun 2021

Regulatory compliance will help economic recovery and sustainability in South Africa

For South Africa to work towards post-Covid economic recovery it will be necessary to reprioritise compliance to ensure both economic and environmental sustainability in the long term...

By Janine Espin 1 Jun 2021

South African taxpayers' last opportunity to choose where their tax money goes - invest before 30 June

This is your last chance to choose where your tax money goes. The sunset is upon us. Attend our free, final 12J Summit and have all your 12J questions answered...

Issued by Grovest 31 May 2021

Summit to stimulate investment into Africa

SingularityU announces Exponential Finance Summit 2021, aimed at growing investment ecosystem in Africa...

Issued by Mann Made 28 May 2021

What the future holds for businesses in Africa - 2021 and beyond

In a context where African countries are preparing to make the continental free trade area effective, to what extent could rapid implementation, supported by trade facilitation reforms, play a key role...

28 May 2021

Africa's free trade area offers great promise. But only if risks are managed with resolve

For all its stutters and missteps, there can be little argument that the European Union (EU) has largely lived up to its ambitious billing: to create stability and growth on a continent...

By John Luiz 27 May 2021

South African rand extends gains as rating agencies maintain outlook

The South African rand extended gains on Monday, passing the 18-month best reached on Friday as the currency drew strength from rating agencies holding the country's credit rating and outlook at current levels...

By Promit Mukherjee 24 May 2021

South Africa's rand firms as central bank holds rates, stocks rise

South Africa's rand firmed on Thursday after the central bank kept lending rates unchanged, but said it would not hesitate to tighten policy to contain rising prices...

By Olivia Kumwenda-Mtambo & Tanisha Heiberg 21 May 2021

Nigeria is making progress with financial inclusion: here's how

In developing economies, many people are excluded in various ways from financial services.Including them is necessary for three main reasons...

By Emmanuel Mogaji 20 May 2021

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