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GDP numbers "better-than-expected", but a depression may be looming

The market expected the economy to shrink by 3.8% over the first quarter so the -2.0% print for Q1 2020 GDP might be slightly better than anticipated, but it almost means nothing...

By Maarten Ackerman 1 Jul 2020

The African Continental Free Trade Area - from agreement to implementation

The Agreement Establishing the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) was brokered by the African Union (AU) and adopted by 44 of its 55 member states on 21 March 2018. By February 2019, all AU countries, save for Eritrea, had become signatories to the AfCFTA, which came into force on 30 May 2019...

By Robyn Berger, Theunis Claassen and Catherine Robson 30 Jun 2020

Nurturing the CA(SA) pipeline during a pandemic

As the South African economy flails under Covid-19 and a downgrade to junk status, The South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (Saica) talks to chartered accountants [CA(SA)] Ignatius Sehoole about the importance of ensuring we continue to bring top-quality CAs(SA) into the system...

By Roberta Coci, Issued by SAICA 30 Jun 2020

SA's record e-commerce performance offers hope for battered economy

E-commerce is providing a ray of hope for the local economy with transactions hitting a record high in May and June...

30 Jun 2020

South Africa's new budget cushions the coronavirus blow - but only briefly

The adjustment budget tabled by South Africa's finance minister, Tito Mboweni, this week is less an adjustment than a new budget...

By Seán Mfundza Muller 26 Jun 2020

South Africa's budget to deal with Covid-19 fails to pave way for more equal society

The Covid-19 pandemic has not only generated a far-reaching social and economic crisis in South Africa, but is also exposing two major fault lines in the society...

By David Francis & Imraan Valodia 26 Jun 2020

Buhari's Covid-19 economic plan: old wine in new wineskins

Covid-19 is increasingly wreaking havoc on the health of Nigerians, but its economic impact may well be more devastating...

By Stephen Onyeiwu 25 Jun 2020

Escaping the hippo's jaws: Mboweni's broad strokes emergency budget

Amid analogies about his trademark aloe ferox and a hippo's gaping jaws, Finance Minister Tito Mboweni delivered a bleak supplementary budget that was a little light on detail...

25 Jun 2020

R100bn set aside to respond to Covid-19 jobs challenge

Finance Minister Tito Mboweni says the National Treasury has set aside R100-billion to support government's response to job creation...

25 Jun 2020

Unprecedented times for tax revenue collection

In February 2020, when Minister of Finance, Tito Mboweni, tabled his 2020 Budget Speech, he projected that the budget deficit would be R370bn for 2020/21...

By Sharon Smulders 24 Jun 2020

Reserve Bank to the rescue - can others follow?

The full effects and consequences of the lockdown will only be revealed in time, but safe to say the cost to the economy has been extreme and came at a time when the country could least afford it...

By Bernard Drotschie 23 Jun 2020

Nigeria's post-Covid-19 recovery plan has some merit. But it misses the mark

The Covid-19 pandemic will have economic consequences for many countries. In Nigeria, the country's lockdowns froze economic activities, causing job losses and supply chain disruptions.

By Tolu Olarewaju 22 Jun 2020

What's going to change in finances after the pandemic?

Despite the given current uncertainty caused by the coronavirus pandemic, it is possible to foresee some changes that are already taking place in the South African economy...

22 Jun 2020

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