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How Chappies bubblegum can help you understand inflation

Anyone who turns on the news occasionally will know that the word 'inflation' crops up quite frequently. But what does it actually mean and why should we be bothered about what's gone up and what's come down?

By Kondi Nkosi 1 day ago

South Africa must get ready for an inevitable loosening of trade ties with the US

Irrespective of who emerges victorious between the incumbent President Donald Trump and the Democratic nominee Joe Biden South Africa needs to start thinking about what it stands to lose - or gain - from the new administration's stance...

By Mills Soko 3 days ago

Dwindling financial resources weighs heavily on the minds of South Africans

South African consumers are paying a heavy price for the prolonged lockdown. According to quantitative research conducted by research firm, Ask Afrika, unemployment and a subsequent loss of income are a growing concern for most South Africans...

Issued by Ask Afrika 3 days ago

Covid-19 swings the spotlight back onto emerging countries' debt

While the focus so far has been mainly on China, Europe and the United States, the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic are likely to be even more severe for emerging economies...

1 Jun 2020

Lockdown Level 3: Some of the details

As the country moves towards Level 3 lockdown regulations on 1 June, Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs Minister, Dr Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma, outlined some of the details of the eased regulations...

29 May 2020

FNB cardholders spent over R4bn in 3 days preceding lockdown

FNB reports a slight boost in card spend since the start of Level 4 lockdown. Despite the increase in consumer spending, activity is still averaging significantly lower compared to pre-lockdown levels...

28 May 2020

How South Africa can best balance control of Covid-19 and avoid economic disaster

There is intense pressure on the South African government to lift the lockdown and open the economy. Sustainably lifting out of the lockdown is critical. But there is no roadmap. The stakes are high and there are no right answers, just ones that juggle uncertain probabilities...

By Miriam Altman 28 May 2020

How a post-Covid-19 revival could kickstart Africa's free trade area

The African Continental Free Trade Area was launched two years ago at an African Union (AU) summit in Kigali. It was scheduled to be implemented from 1 July 2020...

By Faizel Ismail 27 May 2020

Ethics in a time of crisis

As part of Saica's Leadership in a Time of Crisis webinar series, Professor Deon Rossouw, CEO of The Ethics Institute, spoke about the importance of sticking to your values during a crisis...

Issued by SAICA 26 May 2020

The synthesis of the most complex technologies gives us a simple solution, with world-scale potential

While the whole world is shaking from negative news, ranging from the pandemic of the coronavirus Covid-19, to numerous disasters in different areas all around the world, to the stock market crashes and the global crisis in general, a silver lining has emerged among the clouds in sunny Panama, and it will probably affect everyone...

Issued by Kirik Pro 26 May 2020

Is Covid-19 SA's economic wakeup call?

The arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic came at a time when the South African economy was already under severe strain, posing not just a health risk to the people, but threatening livelihoods as well...

26 May 2020

Why Treasury needs a brand new 2020/21 budget

Sars has predicted that it would lose around 15 to 20% of its tax revenue this year as a result of the nationwide Covid-19 lockdown, and the responsibility of filling the gap will fall upon the South African taxpayers...

25 May 2020

Another cut in the repo rate

The Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) once again voted in favour of lowering the repo rate this month by 50bp to 3.75%...

22 May 2020

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