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Buy local this festive season, for the sake of SA's economy

People who loosen their purse strings during the upcoming holiday season and buy local instead of imported products could help improve South Africa's economic outlook...

2 days ago

Prevention is better than a cure!

The world is currently experiencing one of the worst health pandemics since the Spanish Flu in 1918. Not only has this had an impact on the health infrastructure of many countries, but it has resulted in economic turbulence in many markets with the looming potential of a global economic downturn if recovery efforts are not speedily implemented...

Issued by Bullion PR & Communication 2 days ago

Kickstarting the post-Covid-19 economic recovery, the big focus of the 2020 Southern Africa Europe CEO Dialogue

The Southern Africa Europe CEO Dialogue goes online, this year, and will be hosted from Johannesburg in digital format on 26 and 27 November 2020...

Issued by Optimize Agency 24 Nov 2020

SA moves further into junk status

Two out of the three global ratings agencies blamed the Covid-19 pandemic and the effects of lockdown on South Africa's economy for further downgrading the country's investment status...

23 Nov 2020

Repo rate remains unchanged at 3.5%

The South African Reserve Bank (Sarb) has kept the repurchase (repo) rate unchanged at 3.5% per annum...

20 Nov 2020

How West Africa economic partnership deals put the cart before the horse

A free trade agreement, in its most basic sense, is an attempt by existing industries to find new markets. Their need to do this arises from industrialisation - that is, the process of developing sectors that attract high levels of protection in the international market...

By Michael E Odijie 18 Nov 2020

Will SA's short-term insurance industry weather the Covid-19 storm?

Since March 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic has been negatively impacting economies, affecting supply chains and challenging industries globally. The global short-term insurance industry has not been spared, with the sharpest economic contraction since the Great Depression of the 1930s...

Issued by Insight Survey 16 Nov 2020

Policy certainty about lockdown levels is key to stimulating SA's economic recovery

Certainty that South Africa will not return to a hard lockdown - irrespective of Covid-19 infection rates - would stimulate economic activity by unlocking business investment projects and consumer spending plans...

16 Nov 2020

A settlement with trade unions remains the best way forward for South Africa

South Africa's medium-term budget is supposed to provide an indication of how public finances will be managed over the next three years...

By Seán Mfundza Muller 11 Nov 2020

#EvolutionofWork: Does working long hours boost economic performance?

Last year, Microsoft trialled a four-day work week, resulting in a 40% boost in productivity, suggesting that perhaps it isn't necessary for employees to be putting their life and soul into their job when the same amount of work can be done in a considerably shorter amount of time...

By Lucy Desai 10 Nov 2020

Biden's election bodes well for SA's economy

Joe Biden's election to the United States presidency could eventually create an opportunity for South Africa to buttress its economic narrative with the US from both a trade and investment point of view...

By Raymond Parsons 9 Nov 2020

Have our politicians forgotten the legal principle of common cause?

Government has said it is prioritising an economic recovery and fiscal consolidation and that the social compact agreed to between government, business, labour and civil society will prioritise short-term measures to support the economy...

By Andrea Rademeyer, Issued by Ask Afrika 4 Nov 2020

Energy resources can spark Africa's economic growth

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, not all of the economic news in Africa has been negative. We continue to see promising developments...

By NJ Ayuk 4 Nov 2020

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