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#PODCAST: The Art of storytelling in your business

"How I Built This" with Flying Kite's Charles Hsuan interviews growing small-to-medium-sized business owners to find out about their journeys towards entrepreneurship success...

11 hours ago

Why choose enterprise solutions?

Even though solutions designed for small to medium businesses (SMBs) are cost-effective and relatively easy to implement, they do not meet the scalability and capacity requirements needed for the enterprise...

11 hours ago

Trends helping fashion retail SMEs scale up

Even though 54% of South African consumers are swayed by social media when making fashion purchasing decisions, in-store shopping continues to grow...

3 days ago

What's the blindspot event bringing SMEs to their knees?

It just takes one event to knock the life out of an SME...

14 Aug 2019

It's time to support SA's women in business!

The Mastercard Index of Women Entrepreneurs report revealed that in South Africa women in early-stage entrepreneurial activity dropped by 15.7% in 2018...

14 Aug 2019

7 Tax tips for SMEs

Taxpayer education and the cost of tax compliance remains a significant challenge for small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs)...

14 Aug 2019

Saving tips for small businesses

More than 70% of small businesses struggle to survive the first two years of operation, with poor cash flow management and insufficient funding...

14 Aug 2019

5 things women seeking to go into business should know

Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are an important driver of economic growth and a source of employment, especially for countries such as South Africa...

By Elaine Wang 12 Aug 2019

App directory aimed at helping local SMEs

The recent launch of the South African App Integrator Directory is set to solve the complexity of choosing apps for small business owners...

7 Aug 2019

#PODCAST: How I Built This: Anja van Beek on being a leadership coach

"How I Built This" dives into the stories behind growing SME's and the movements they built...

5 Aug 2019

Here's what SMEs need to know about using their customer communication channels effectively

There are a few basic things every business can do to ensure that its communication strategy is as effective as possible...

By Greg Chen 2 Aug 2019

Growing SMEs through financing partnerships

Partnerships between fintech start-ups and conventional banks can advance the financial inclusion small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs) need for sustainable economic and social development...

30 Jul 2019

#PODCAST: How I Built This: Reuben Louw's greatest moment is still to come

"How I Built This" dives into the stories behind growing SME's and the movements they built...

29 Jul 2019

10 ways to create a young entrepreneurial mindset

Currently employing half of South Africa's labour force and contributing a third of its GDP, SMMEs seem to be the obvious solution to SA's high youth unemployment rate. The question becomes: how best to develop our youth as entrepreneurs...?

24 Jul 2019

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