Energy & Mining Trends 2020

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Wind farm says massive new rival could cost it "hundreds of millions" in lost energy

An existing wind farm is crying foul after the government last month gave the conditional go-ahead for a massive new wind farm project on an adjoining property on the West Coast Peninsula near Vredenburg...

By John Yeld 19 Feb 2020

Landmark investment secured for 60MW Djibouti Wind Farm Project

Djibouti's electricity demand is expected to considerably increase due to various large-scale infrastructure projects including ports, free trade zones...

14 Feb 2020

#Sona20: Ramaphosa confirms own use generation plan

In his State of the Nation Address (Sona), President Cyril Ramaphosa confirmed that the regulatory environment is to be changed in order to facilitate uncapped commercial and industrial distributed generation for own use....

14 Feb 2020

AfDB provides multi-million-dollar grant to boost renewable energy access in Liberia

The AfDB has approved a $34.74m grant and loan to boost renewable energy access and promote an attractive investment climate in Liberia...

12 Feb 2020

Togo breaks ground on West Africa's largest solar PV project

Togo broke ground on its 50MW Mohamed Bin Zayed Photovoltaic Solar Power Complex in Blitta this month...

6 Feb 2020

Petrol price to come down in February

The petrol price will come down by 13 cents a litre this week...

4 Feb 2020

Africa's renewable revolution

Africa's abundant clean energy resources, coupled with new investments in renewable energy technologies, have spearheaded Africa into a clean energy revolution...

29 Jan 2020

South Africa's energy crisis has triggered lots of ideas: why most are wrong

Since late last year South Africans have, once again, been subjected to power cuts by the power utility, Eskom. The need for what's called loadshedding - planned power outages - led to the recent resignation of Eskom's chairperson and a flurry of concern about the current and future reliability of electricity supply...

By Seán Mfundza Muller & Mike Muller 23 Jan 2020

Sawea welcomes market-friendly approach

The South African Wind Energy Association (Sawea) supports the proposed market-friendly approach to the country's constrained energy supply, but strongly states that implementing the IRP 2019 should remain an imperative...

22 Jan 2020

Huge West Coast wind farm approved

The government has approved in principle the huge Boulders wind farm project on the West Coast peninsula near Paternoster, St Helena Bay and Vredenburg...

By John Yeld 22 Jan 2020

Effective storage solutions essential to a successful Eskom turnaround

The Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) gazetted in October 2019 emphasises that South Africa will continue to pursue a diversified energy mix that reduces reliance on limited primary energy resources...

By Seydou Kane 21 Jan 2020

Wind energy company powering skills development work

South Africa is thankfully moving towards cleaner energy with Cabinet's latest approved 2019 Integrated Resource Plan (IRP). This IRP outlines wind power contribution to the future energy mix of 18%...

Issued by SAICA 20 Jan 2020

China's investment in Africa's mineral resources

When it comes to energy, it's not just the traditional advocates of renewable energy that are leading the way, it is the world's major emerging economies such as China and India that are driving this clean energy transition...

20 Jan 2020

Energy transition forecast: Sunny with a chance of strong wind

The global energy transition is the transformation of the world's energy supply, away from polluting sources such as coal, oil and gas, and towards renewables. Potentially, this is a $120trn investment opportunity over the next 30 years...

By Mark Lacey 15 Jan 2020

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