Shaune Jordaan is the CEO of Hoorah, a digital consultancy focused on digital media, people-based marketing, data, CRM, creative and technology.
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Digital transformation: Separating the ordinary from the extraordinary in 2021

Optimists among us realised early on that the Covid-19 pandemic and associated lockdowns should be viewed as the ultimate opportunity to accelerate the transformation to digital. Increasingly, a digital strategy is becoming the only strategy...

By Shaune Jordaan 21 Dec 2020

Organisations need to prioritse data to tell meaningful stories

"Data" is likely to be right up there with the buzzwords of the next decade. But more than mere buzzwords, data is not only here to stay, but will also transform the way in which we all do business...

By Shaune Jordaan 18 Nov 2020

Innovation and creativity in the time of Covid-19: Alternative ways of thinking and doing

It's a strange reality, and while all concerns are valid, our best defence currently is to harness the value of innovation and creativity. That's the sentiment of Shaune Jordaan, CEO of Hoorah Digital, who believes we need to embrace these tumultuous times as an opportunity to create, to innovate and reinvent ourselves...

By Shaune Jordaan 26 Mar 2020

Recession hit your marketing budget? Here's how to do more with less

Stats SA's recession announcement in early September only served to confirm what we've all known for a long time: The South African economy is struggling. In those circumstances, companies are bound to start looking for places to tighten their belts...

By Shaune Jordaan 25 Sep 2018

'Okay Marcel, make me an ad': AI's role in the future of marketing

Publicis recently announced the launch of its bespoke artificial intelligence (AI) platform, Marcel. The platform was Publicis' major focus for the best part of the year and saw it pull out of all industry awards and events until it was complete...

By Shaune Jordaan 19 Jun 2018

The future of marketing is data-driven, creative, and people-based

Shaune Jordaan argues that, in order to produce real business results, marketing needs to be data-driven, creative, and (most importantly) people-based.

By Shaune Jordaan 8 Jun 2018

Reach customers, gain leads, build a business

I have seen hundreds of SME businesses and start-ups establish themselves because at some stage they took search marketing seriously...

By Shaune Jordaan, Issued by Saatchi & Saatchi Synergize 18 Jan 2016

Big ideas, big data, big love

It dawned on me two years ago that no digital idea can be truly great without participation. It also dawned on me that there is no real participation without the Big Idea.

By Shaune Jordaan, Issued by Saatchi & Saatchi Synergize 5 Jun 2014

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