Odette van der Haar

Managing Director of Publicis
Location:South Africa


Odette van der Haar joined Publicis as the MD from 1 September 2019, before which, she was the CEO of JWT Jhb. She was also CEO of the Association for Communication and Advertising (ACA) (www.acasa.co.za), the industry body of the SA advertising and communications sector, and previously headed up Sentech's Advertising, Events and Sponsorships portfolio...
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Current employment

Managing Director
Publicis - http://www.publicisgroupeafrica.com/
#BizTrends2020: Imagine the impossible

In order to stay in business, one needs to stay abreast with technology and remain up to date with the latest innovations...

By Odette van der Haar 24 Jan 2020

#BizTrends2018: The changing media environment for ad agencies

Like all sectors within the economy, we face economic and political instability which can have an impact on investment and ultimately marketing spend...

By Odette van der Haar 10 Jan 2018

[Trends 2015] Great talent is a driver

Selecting the correct medium in order to avoid waste is key to any campaign seeking to provide effective creative results...

By Odette van der Haar 22 Jan 2015

[2014 trends] A game changing year for advertising and communications

2014 will be seen as a game changer for the advertising and communications industries as digital and social media redefine how marketers communicate with consumers.

By Odette van der Haar 4 Feb 2014

Food labelling legislation - not just about compliance

The requirements of the new 'food labelling' legislation, which became effective on 1 March 2012, presents an enormous opportunity for the advertising profession.

By Odette van der Haar 15 May 2012

[2012 trends] Ad industry to continue defining, redefining itself

2012 promises to be just as eventful as ever, as the advertising profession continues define and redefine its operations and creativity. I expect to see the following 12 trends and industry issues emerging in 2012. [multimedia]

By Odette van der Haar 12 Jan 2012

Will festive season ad campaigns ring cash registers?

Historically, the retail season promises a spike in advertising and naturally consumer spend is not far behind as advertisers pull out all the stops to ensure that their brand makes it onto consumers' festive season shopping lists. In the face of a continued global economic recession, however, this is no simple feat...

By Odette van der Haar 14 Dec 2011

Ad awards aren't necessary - they're imperative

As human beings, we want to identify the best of the best, and the advertising and communications profession is no different. In truth, however, awards are about more than just separating the cream from the whey.

By Odette van der Haar 12 Dec 2011

Putting a band aid on alcohol abuse?

The ban of alcohol advertising has been on the lips of government officials from not too long after tobacco advertising lost its public appearance rights in 1999. Now with political muscle behind the contentious restrictions bill, a full on ban of all alcohol advertising seems imminent.

By Odette van der Haar 15 Mar 2011

Bills, bans and BEE: a review of 2010, and a peek into 2011

We all expected 2010 to be a difficult year following the global economic recession, but the local advertising and communications industry faced some unexpected challenges which had little to do with economics and everything to do with a rapidly changing social, political and legal environment.

By Odette van der Haar 13 Dec 2010

[2010 trends] Hard times leading to healthy transformation

Despite the challenges of a post-recession environment, the industry is uniquely positioned to make 2010 a year of vigorous transformation.

By Odette van der Haar 26 Jan 2010

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