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Kershin Padayachee
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Beer... The final frontier

Let's face it, our golden friend has long been the subject of harsh words and, as a result, been dealt a bad rap. Think about that for a sec... Do the terms beer belly or beer goggles ring any bells? Still not convinced? Pop round the Bascule Bar and observe as the local whisky quaffing chaps sneer at your humble order of a cold one.

By Kershin Padayachee 11 Dec 2012

A mixed bag at Rock The River

"It's the final countdown ... " Europe's archaic lyrics drone monotonously over the airwaves as your aunt busts a move from the 80s. Then, at the stroke of midnight, you quaff champagne like a sommelier and bop around to Prince's 1999. If this sounds all too familiar, then perhaps you should have attended the Rock The River Festival, which took place over the New Year's weekend at the Cape Town Ostrich Ranch. The venue being a mere stone's throw from home, I decided to do exactly that.

By Kershin Padayachee 12 Jan 2012

A Boney fide Christmas

I've never ever dashed through the snow in a one-horse open sleigh. The mere thought of it all terrifies me. To to be quite honest my holiday version of Jingle Bells is normally that of the Scotch variety, if you know what I mean. What luck, then, it was to find that Boney M, the okes who put the jingle in Jingle Bells were making a special Christmas tour to SA - just in time to save the Christmas spirit.

By Kershin Padayachee 5 Jan 2012

MacGyver Knife, legends in the making

Like a pack of blazing Shoguns in the heat of battle, MacGyver Knife cut to the heart of the matter on their debut album "Sewing Legend". We at Biz found ourselves fortunate enough to be granted the first priviledge of dissecting the workings of this masterpiece.

By Kershin Padayachee 17 May 2011

Summer at the Speed of Sound!

Imagine a summer concert so sizzling hot, it would have Global Warming activists throw in their sweaty towels. Imagine an eclectic mix of some of South Africa's most talented and successful bands, perched on a stage in the picturesque Backsberg vineyard. The final leg of the brand new Sonic Summer concert, cooked up a storm of a sound on a gorgeous midsummer's day.

By Kershin Padayachee 24 Dec 2010

Be cool. Stay ‘Old school'

Last Friday, Macgyver Knife decided to breakout from their season's hiatus by boldly entering the Texas Spur Carnival Battle of the Bands at Goodwood Park Primary. My colleague (and fellow MK fan) Dave and I headed out to Goodwood to report on the action.

By Kershin Padayachee 1 Oct 2009

Chasing Friday, Autopilot and The Stremes at Stones

Finally, some decent gigs are taking place in my neck of the woods. And so, last Wednesday night, with the next day being National Braai day, I found that I had no excuse, but to partake in the festivities and check out the local talent at Stones in Table View. Fortunately for a late-bird such as myself, gigs never start when expected. This gave me enough time to grab a drink and chat to some of the line-up before the show kicked off.

By Kershin Padayachee 1 Oct 2009

Mark Sampson Feels Funny at Theatre on the Bay...

...and thanks to him, so do I. It's been a year and a bit since we last caught Marks show at the Masque theatre in Muizenberg. True to his word, each show remains genuinely different from the next. With the outcome based largely on the audience interaction and the roll of two large inflatable dice.

By Kershin Padayachee 8 Sep 2009

Puppets speak louder than words...

And thankfully a lot less than most politicians I know. Last Thursday night, Ruth and I headed out to the On Broadway theatre to check out the "Koch Up" Puppet show by ventriloquist Conrad Koch.

By Kershin Padayachee 24 Jun 2009

Seether's Shaun Morgan live at Kirstenbosch Gardens

More mushy, less moshy, grungy and bloody fantastic! Few things in this world can compare to the beauty of a Kirstenbosch summer concert. The gorgeous mountain background, the tranquil garden setting and the summery open-air concert feel. Add a top international act like Shaun Morgan (a proudly homegrown SA booitjie; for those who didn't know) from Seether and you have the chemistry for something truly magical.

By Kershin Padayachee 29 Dec 2008

Macguyver Knife return to their Roots

While not my favourite choice of venue; purely because of the bad sound quality and lack of air-conditioning. It is a known fact that Roots in Obz has been a welcome stage for many of the now popular bands. And what better way for MGK to celebrate their 1 year anniversary than to return to the place where it all started.

By Kershin Padayachee 15 Dec 2008

Airport Security and Macgyver Knife at Dizzy's

Saturday night saw us heading out of the city to a venue of a different kind; Dizzy's in Camps Bay to catch Macgyver Knife one of my favourite bands of the moment, and their supporting act Airport security.

By Kershin Padayachee 11 Oct 2008

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