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MacGyver Knife, legends in the making

Like a pack of blazing Shoguns in the heat of battle, MacGyver Knife cut to the heart of the matter on their debut album "Sewing Legend". We at Biz found ourselves fortunate enough to be granted the first priviledge of dissecting the workings of this masterpiece.
MacGyver Knife, legends in the making

For those of you who don't already know, MacGyver Knife are an indie rock band based in Cape Town. Their sound can be best described as modern vintage rock with a Capetonian edge. The band comprises brothers Mishal Pandie (lead vocals) and Maahir Pandie (lead guitar and backing vocals), along with friends Zaheer Gaffoor (drums) and Zaahier Kamedien (bass). Go to for more info.

Surges of rapturing sound

The album starts off cleanly and is moderately paced, and then all of a sudden pulses with surges of rapturing sound like a heart rate monitor hooked up to a steroid-induced junkie! The highs and lows make for a nicely warm rounded album that commands emotional whim at the flip of a track. The band seem to have captured the essence of their live performances on their tracks Mary Lou And The Guy, Head To Toe, and Tomorrow Day. At least one track that stands out from the rest is Black And Blue, which packs a real punchy intro and some sick guitar riffs.

The catchy bitter-sweet lyrics of Dark Side Of The Sun and Jaguar will leave you with feelings of elevation and liberation. Look out for a suprise new track, which features lead guitarist Maahir on lead vocals.

Tracks chosen wisely

We've waited a really long time for this album and MacGyver Knife have done anything but disappoint. They've spent the right amount of time needed to record and have chosen their tracks wisely. The music scene as a whole can be a minefield of bad taste with artists chucking out one-hit wonders that lack any real merit or substance. In my opinion the measure of good music is when you can form an emotional connection with a song and sing along to it. This is what you can expect from the "Sewing Legend" album. Well done guys!

Track listing

  1. Stumble
  2. Black And Blue
  3. Wake Up The Morning
  4. Mary Lou And The Guy
  5. Now We're Even
  6. Head To Toe
  7. Tomorrow Day
  8. Dark Side of the Sun
  9. Sounds I've Found
  10. Jaguar

Go to their website and Facebook page for further info.

The album launch is set for Wednesday, 25th May 2011 from 9pm at Zula Bar. Attend the event on Facebook. Click here to stand the chance to win 2 tickets.

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