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Summer at the Speed of Sound!

Imagine a summer concert so sizzling hot, it would have Global Warming activists throw in their sweaty towels. Imagine an eclectic mix of some of South Africa's most talented and successful bands, perched on a stage in the picturesque Backsberg vineyard. The final leg of the brand new Sonic Summer concert, cooked up a storm of a sound on a gorgeous midsummer's day.

First up on stage was DJ Waxxy. Africa's reputed - "finest DJ"? I never understood what the whole fuss about DJs was. Surely anyone can do that job. Anyway, he did a seemingly good job of entertaining the crowd whilst playing other peoples music.

Summer at the Speed of Sound!

Next up were twin brothers Andrew and Brian Chaplin, the electro-hop duo from the band Locnville. Fresh from the successes of their recent international tour, the band took to the stage with much gusto and got the crowd buzzing. Locnville kicked off with their ever popular song "Sun in my pocket". Followed by the equally successful "6 Second Poison". We were treated to plenty of tracks from their new album - which by the sounds of things is gonna cook. The great thing about Locnville is that they have a formula that works, and they are sticking to it. Just give a listen to one of their awesome new tracks "5 seconds till the world ends" and you will know what I mean. You can find Locnville on or on Facebook

Summer at the Speed of Sound!

Jax Panik got the crowd up with their radio hit "Get up". I must admit that I was initially a bit sceptical of Jax Panik, as I wasn't quite sure of where to place their genre of sound. But after seeing them live I became an instant fan. I've even got this ridiculous line from their song "Dinosaur" stuck in my head - "I'm a rockstar play you like a guitaa. Hot mamma. Ha ha ha!" "Wolves" is another one of their awesome tracks. Their lyrics are crazy, confident, affirmative and their unique blend of rock, pop, electro and dance stirs up to create a sexy mix of something else. In short, the okes behind the masks and with the mics represent the voice for the man in the crowd. Check out our awesome interview with Jax Panik's Jacobus Johannes van Heerden -> You can also find Jax Panik on Facebook

Summer at the Speed of Sound!

The Goldies "Goldfish" were next and were clearly the crowd favourite. I first saw Goldfish in 2006 at the Loerie awards in Margate. They were popular back then but not as widely known. Now simply mention "Goldfish" in any conversation and you will find fellow fans. Accompanying Goldfish on stage were the vocalists who add the depth to the bowl of Goldfish's unique jazzy electro beats, ensuring that their genre-defying sound has such vast appeal. "Call me" feat Monique Hellenberg and "Fort knox" feat Sakhile Moleshe where well received crowd pleasers. One of my personal favourite tracks is their new title track from the album "Get busy living" feat Emily Bruce. In particular, I really dig the saxophone bits by David Poole on that track. For more info on Golfish and their new album you can find them on Facebook

Summer at the Speed of Sound!

Die Antwoord ended of the evening in pure Zef In your face style! I tried my damnedest to blend in with the zeffers, while singing along to "Joe ma se poes in a Vis paste jar". They have such a hardcore following. Not only here in SA, but also in Germany and Tokyo where they recently toured. Zef is definitely the new black. To end off the performance, Yolandi bid us farewell: "I have 1 word to say to you or maybe 3. Fok julle naaiers!" Add some Zef to your life. Find them on Facebook

See you at the next Sonic Summer!

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