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JG Bezuidenhout, Digital Marketing Aficionado and COO of Bastion & Flowe (, a digital advertising technology company focused on delivering measurable results.
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Reject the tyranny of "or": How digital makes traditional marketing more important for big brands

If you've read Jim Collins and Jerry Porras' iconic book Built to Last, you'll be familiar with their concept of "reject the tyranny of the 'or' and embrace the genius of the 'and'"...

By JG Bezuidenhout 6 Aug 2019

The digital headaches of a franchise marketing team

JG Bezuidenhout has compiled a list of my top 5 tools that can help control and regulate franchisees marketing with minimum friction...

By JG Bezuidenhout 19 Feb 2019

Time to fall in love with tags and pixels

Is it a snack? Is it a game? No! They are the technical terms for the most exciting thing to ever happen to digital marketing...

By JG Bezuidenhout 9 Oct 2018

Remarketing 102: Why you should care about it...

Part two of the series on remarketing - one of the best and easiest routes to boosting conversion rates and driving sales...

By JG Bezuidenhout 21 Aug 2018

Remarketing 101: Understanding what it is...

Have you cottoned on to one of the best and easiest routes to boosting conversion rates and driving sales? The intelligent way to re-engage customers and prospective clients? The great way to maximise on your current advertising spend? Are you remarketing yet?

By JG Bezuidenhout 14 Aug 2018

Is your site mobile-friendly?

The popularity of smartphones means that they are the preferred way for users to get access to the information they want when they want it...

By JG Bezuidenhout 27 Jul 2018

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