Dawn Rowlands is the of CEO Dentsu Aegis Network SSA. She has over 20 years of experience in the media industry and has most notably been a shareholder founding partner of Nota Bene, a strategy agency in South Africa, and is also the founder of Posterscope SA. Contact Dawn on .
[Trends 2015] Invest in communication and content

Brands that stand out will create commercial success by attracting more users, more often. Brands that make it easy for consumers to recognise them (and love them) will win...

By Dawn Rowlands 2 Feb 2015

17 things that will make your brand loved, now!

I am constantly asked what makes a brand loved and in today's fast-moving world of inter-connectedness it is essential to have a framework of key points to work from...

By Dawn Rowlands 2 Jul 2014

Africa: We've talked the talk, now let's walk the walk

As all the hype of Cannes Lions 2013 fades into the distance we need to take a closer look at why these creative media festivals are relevant and what impact they should have on the African media and marketing landscape. (video)

By Dawn Rowlands 9 Aug 2013

Why choosing an agency for your brand is like dating

Choosing an agency is in many cases is like trying to choose a date or the best possible financial investment for your lump sum of cash. Do you choose a 90-day call account? Do you look at a long-term five-year investment with market related annual increases? Do you check to see if there is an annual cash back bonus? How do you know that the investment will work for me? These are difficult questions and even harder one's to answer. Who knows what tomorrow or next month will bring in the world of advertising and media?

By Dawn Rowlands 21 Aug 2012

To converge or not to converge - this is no longer the question - it's the state of play!

The biggest effect of the digital revolution is the removal of any degrees of separation between the consumer and anything out in the marketplace. Whatever consumers wish to access or get information on is now just a click away - be it on a mobile device or a personal computer. This has and will continue to have profound and cataclysmic effects on almost every existing industry, and none more so than the advertising industry.

By Dawn Rowlands 24 Jul 2012

[2012 trends] Five African digital trends for 2012

Africa is a mobile-first digital environment with 55% of the continent's 1 billion people having mobile phones. In South Africa mobile internet penetration is 70%, whilst desktop internet penetration sits at only at 11%, whereas in Nigeria mobile and desktop penetration are both over 20%.

By Dawn Rowlands 24 Jan 2012

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