Photo: RCSI
Anti-rejection drugs increase skin cancer risk in multiple kidney transplant patients

A study led by researchers at RCSI (Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland) has analysed the pattern of skin cancer rates in kidney transplant patients, which suggests the increased risk is related to the anti-rejection medications.

6 Mar 2019

Fat grafting in breast cancer reconstruction

Fat grafting has become a popular and versatile procedure in plastic surgery. Historically it is not entirely new, we find anecdotal reports and descriptions of fat transplantation as far back as the early 1900s...

By Frank Graewe 4 Mar 2019

Nearly half of childhood cancers worldwide are undiagnosed
Nearly half of childhood cancers worldwide are undiagnosed

Nearly half of all childhood cancers are not being diagnosed globally, according to a new modeling study led by Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health...

28 Feb 2019

Access to affordable medical treatment can save lives. Shutterstock
Cancer drug pricing gets in the way of treatment in developing countries

Most cancers can now be detected early. This hasn't always been the case...

By Vikash Sewram 22 Feb 2019

Andrii Vodolazhskyi/Shutterstock
Cancer growth in the body could originate from a single cell - target it to revolutionise treatment

Cancer remains a frightening and largely incurable disease. The toxic side effects of chemotherapy and radiation make the cure often seem as bad as the ailment, and there is also the threat of recurrence and tumour spread...

By Michael P Lisanti 21 Feb 2019

What goes into some of the world's innovative, life-changing cancer medications
What goes into some of the world's innovative, life-changing cancer medications

Next time you or a loved-one take medication, whether an over-the-counter pain-killer, chronic medication, or a breakthrough treatment, take a moment to think about its origins...

Issued by G&G Digital 13 Feb 2019

Professor Bernardo Rapoport
Breakthroughs in immuno-oncology provide new treatment options

Cancer a significant and growing problem for South Africa, with more than 70,000 new cases of cancer were diagnosed in 2014.

13 Feb 2019

Prof Vikash Sewram, director of the African Cancer Institute at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Stellenbosch University
#WorldCancerDay: Early detection improves prognosis

The word 'cancer' invokes deep fear as a silent killer, with many viewing this disease as a symbol of grief and pain, a plague straining our intellectual and emotional resources...

By Vikash Sewram 4 Feb 2019

Know your prostate cancer status with #asimplebloodtest
Know your prostate cancer status with #asimplebloodtest

Did you know that one in 10 South African men will be affected by prostate cancer in their lifetime? That is one man in your life...

Issued by G&G Digital 23 Jan 2019

Michelle Monje and her colleagues found that the chemotherapy drug methotrexate can affect three major types of brain cells, resulting in a phenomenon known as "chemo brain."
Steve Fisch
Study: Understanding chemo brain

More than half of cancer survivors suffer from cognitive impairment from chemotherapy that lingers for months or years after the cancer is gone...

By Erin Digitale 2 Jan 2019

While women in sub-Saharan Africa live longer than men, many of these extra years are lived in poor health. Shutterstock
People in Africa live longer. But their health is poor in those extra years

People are now living longer in sub-Saharan Africa than they did two decades ago...

By Charles Shey Wiysonge 20 Dec 2018

#BestofBiz 2018: Healthcare
#BestofBiz 2018: Healthcare

Discover the most read content on Bizcommunity's Healthcare site over the past year below...

18 Dec 2018

Necsa board replaced

General financial misconduct, not adhering to shareholder instructions and repetitive legislative non-compliance are among a litany of challenges...

10 Dec 2018

One test to diagnose them all: researchers exploit cancers' unique DNA signature
One test to diagnose them all: researchers exploit cancers' unique DNA signature

Researchers have developed a test that could be used to diagnose all cancers. It is based on a unique DNA signature that appears to be common across cancer types...

By Abu Sina, Laura Carrascosa & Matt Trau 5 Dec 2018

PinkDrive CEO Noelene Kotschan is one of Africa's most influential women
PinkDrive CEO Noelene Kotschan is one of Africa's most influential women

Noelene Kotschan, CEO and founder of PinkDrive has been recognised as one of Africa's Most Influential Women in Business and Government...

29 Oct 2018

Bizcommunity Recruitment in Africa Focus
Bizcommunity Recruitment in Africa Focus

A comprehensive B2B Recruitment Focus from December 2018 to February 2019 will ensure that Bizcommunity is the go-to destination for all the B2B news you'll need to plan your HR and recruitment strategies in 2019...

Issued by 23 Oct 2018

Dr Justus Apffelstaedt
Genetic profiling improves breast cancer prognosis and treatment

In the late 1990s and early 2000s, improvements in molecular genetic technologies lead to the development of gene expression profiling tests...

By Justus Apffelstaedt 18 Oct 2018

The best Biz summer holiday (content) package ever!
The best Biz summer holiday (content) package ever!

Feeling a bit state-capsized, swept along by more waves than a cryptocurrency chart? Here are some life-saving festive content ideas...

Issued by 15 Oct 2018

Low-dose aspirin may lower ovarian cancer risk

Women who reported recent, regular use of low-dose aspirin (100 milligrams or less) had a 23% lower risk of developing ovarian cancer when compared with women who did not regularly take aspirin...

12 Oct 2018

James P. Allison and Tasuku Honjo, 2018 Nobel Laureates in Physiology or Medicine. Niklas Elmehed. Copyright: Nobel Media AB 2018
James Allison and Tasuku Honjo: deserving winners of this year's Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine

The 2018 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine has been awarded to two immunologists for their revolutionary approaches to treat cancer...

By Sheena Cruickshank 9 Oct 2018

An abnormal Pap test. Komsan Loonprom/
Delay in replacing the Pap smear with HPV screening is costing lives

It was established a decade ago that testing for the presence of HPV - the virus that causes cervical cancer - is a better cervical screening test than the Pap smear. Yet in England, the Pap smear is still used, and it's costing lives...

By Alejandra Castanon 8 Oct 2018

More than just a stomach bug. Photograph
Chemotherapy patients are at risk from poor food safety practices at home

While chemotherapy is a gruelling form of treatment in itself, the reduced immune system function that it causes can leave patients at risk from pathogens too. These illnesses can be contracted from a range of sources, including food...

By Ellen W Evans 4 Oct 2018

Courtesy: Cleveland Clinic
Micorocoil localisation in treating early-stage lung cancer

A breakthrough minimally invasive surgery technique, microcoil localisation, allows doctors to pinpoint and remove tiny nodules in early-stage lung cancer without damaging additional healthy tissue...

20 Sep 2018

Cancer prognosis is like weather forecasting
Cancer prognosis is like weather forecasting

Classically in cancer, physicians tended to talk about five-year survival but patients these days want to know more. However, it is difficult to arrive at a prognosis as it often changes as treatment progresses...

3 Sep 2018

Common skin cancer can signal increased risk of other cancers
Common skin cancer can signal increased risk of other cancers

Frequent skin cancers due to mutations in genes responsible for repairing DNA are linked to a threefold risk of unrelated cancers...

15 Aug 2018

Cancer Alliance issues pallative care for children toolkit
Cancer Alliance issues pallative care for children toolkit

The Cancer Alliance has issued the third in its series of toolkits focusing on the National Policy and Strategy for Palliative Care, this time dealing with caring for children with cancer...

8 Aug 2018

Judge Ron McLaren, long-term insurance ombudsman
Ombud upholds second dread disease claim

There is no legal or insurance principle which prevents a dread disease claim to be paid out under two different policies for a recurrence of a condition...

6 Aug 2018

South Africa's first biosimilar oncology drug authorised for use
South Africa's first biosimilar oncology drug authorised for use

Cipla, in collaboration with Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd, has announced the launch of the country's first biosimilar for the oncology and haematology markets...

Issued by Cipla 3 Aug 2018

Gauteng Health MEC, Gwen Ramokgopa
Hi-tech lung cancer lab to benefit all

If the country is to reduce its high cancer statistics, the public would have to be educated about the illness...

2 Aug 2018

Cyclatron. Photo: Rosatom
SA, Russia deal to grow nuclear medicine

It might not have been the nuclear deal it was hoping for, but the Russian state-owned nuclear corporation Rosatom has signed an agreement with the South African Nuclear Energy Corporation (Necsa)...

30 Jul 2018

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