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Censorship reigns in areas controlled by Congolese rebel group

Fighting between M23 rebels and government forces has intensified near Goma, the capital of the eastern province of Nord-Kivu, since 20 May 2013. As well as causing new civilian casualties, the clashes and the actions of some rebels are endangering many journalists and the availability of diverse, freely-reported news and information.
Reporters Without Borders has conducted a series of interviews with Nord-Kivu journalists and has spoken by phone with two M23 officials, Bertrand Bisimwa, the rebel movement's political leader, and René Abandi, who is in charge of its external affairs.

"We deplore the civilian losses and destruction resulting from the resumption of hostilities and we are particularly worried about journalists, who are being prevented from working freely," Reporters Without Borders said.

"In territory controlled by the M23, the media are subject to threats, censorship, control of their editorial policies, occupation and sometimes abduction of their personnel. Journalism is threatened with extinction in this region of the Democratic Republic of Congo."

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