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CMP graduates grow in South Africa

The advent of Certified Meeting Professionals (CMP), licensed under authority of the US Convention Industry Council, within a nation's meetings and events industry establishes a standard of proven ability and applied best practice. Since 2006, there have been eight CMP exams in Johannesburg - resulting in 37 event practitioners gaining their CMP status in South Africa.
Over the same period, Brazil, Mexico nor Singapore has reached the equivalent amount of successful CMP candidates achieved in SA.

In order to be accepted as a candidate, the minimum requirement is three years or more industry experience plus continual professional development, aligned to the CMP Blueprint of the five meeting management domains inherent in all group gatherings. The CMP acceptance process is a focussed equivalent to the South African generic industry RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning).

Candidates results

Since 2006, 145 individuals have applied as CMP candidates and 48 have met the minimum requirements, with 46 accepted candidates registered to be seated for the CMP exam. Three were non-arrivals to the registered exam site on the day and of the 43 that took part in the four-hour exam, two have re-written the exam twice, four have re-written the exam once and one accepted candidate has re-written the CMP exam more than twice.

From the ranks of the 37 CMPs - there are two in the Western Cape, KwaZulu-Natal and Eastern Cape respectively. Five operate out of Tshwane with the majority, 25, professionally operating from various bases in greater Gauteng and one in Botswana.

The 2012 developments will be detailed on Friday 2 December 2011 at Gallagher Convention Centre during the CMP Focus Group with the theme 'The Professional Branding of......You', together with the recognition of the 2011 South African CMPs.

Programme and registration requirements are available by emailing az.oc.askrowtenpmc@ofni.

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