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Advannotech shows growth during the pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected not only the global economy but also the day-to-day business cash flow and operations - leaving many businesses with low staff retention and loss. Considering the uncertainty and unprecedented challenges that this period presents, it is important for businesses to change how they operate and consider a futuristic approach - aligning with global, industry best practices.
Xolani Zuma, CEO of Advannotech
Xolani Zuma, CEO of Advannotech

In today’s era, a shift in strategy is needed to help businesses scale and take better care of employees, satisfy customer needs, and enhance the company’s financial health.

Even though the pandemic and challenges that many businesses have endured, it's undeniable to recognise the successes of some small businesses; those that have managed to create jobs scale the business, generate revenue, build sustainable systems and acquire more business that will benefit the growth.

One of these businesses is a tech company, Advannotech, which has, in a move as bold as their growth in the IoT and software development sector acquired IT-Tec MN, a Western Cape-based ICT company specialising in ICT support, security, networking and infrastructure and will henceforth be trading as “Tech|Code” a subsidiary of Advannotech.

The acquisition ushers a new era for the four-year-old Advannotech as they expand their footprint into the Western Cape; generating more job opportunities. This shows how possible it is to still gain business success during these unprecedented times.

Advannotech was started in 2018 by founder and chief executive officer, Xolani Zuma who up until establishing Advannotech had spent almost 20 years in the corporate world and started Advannotech as a response to the lack of technology integration in the facilities management industry.

“IT-Tec MN Pty Ltd, now trading as Tech|Code has built a name for itself as a go-to ICT support service provider to their clients, notably in the agri-sector particularly within the Western Cape. With Advannotech’s success in the IoT space and a stronger ICT support vertical I see opportunities for us in the Western Cape and other farming sector-driven provinces in the country.” says Xolani Zuma, CEO of Advannotech.

In a report published by ICASA in March 2021, the organization stated that employment in the ICT sector, which is regulated by the organization, had decreased by 0.3% in 2020. Keeping in line with the founders commitment, of using Advannotech and its subsidiary companies to create sustainable job opportunities for ICT graduates in a country hammered by joblessness amongst the youth and in particularly esteemed graduates. Advannotech hopes to create at least 10 additional job opportunities through this acquisition, adding to their already existing strong team of +20 colleagues (the majority being youth, who were unemployed ICT graduates at the time of joining Advannotech ) supporting clients in provinces like, KZN, Gauteng, Western Cape, Mpumalanga, and Eastern Cape.

“This acquisition in my view will position Tech|Code as the leading ICT solutions partner for progressive corporates and government departments looking to partner with a leading ICT Support company offering cutting edge solutions. ” adds Zuma”.

The Advannotech story is a testament to the fact that SMME’s if supported can play a critical role in job creation, as such protecting and enabling SMEs during this period of economic turbulence is important.

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