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Game changer sweetener for Dutch company

In a game changer for the industry, Fooditive will submit its sweetener as 5-D-Keto-Fructose in applying for Novel Food certification from the European Food Safety Authority.
Supplied. The Fooditive team
Supplied. The Fooditive team

This follows three years’ worth of learning and development, feedback, and support from the food industry. The sweetener - the first of Fooditive’s innovative products - sparked a sugar-free, plant-based revolution.

Fooditive has already been offering the sweetener for research and development purposes to players in the food industry to show their sweetener functionalities that are smiler to sugar.

A pioneer in developing plant-based ingredients, the company hopes to make a ground-breaking step towards establishing the sweetener in the market by forming a successful collaboration with a production partner in the Netherlands.

It will work with its partners in expanding the worldwide market by licensing the process for New Zealand, Australia and the US. The Dutch company has developed from a concept to a company worth of €26m in 2022 and is making significant progress.

Sustainability not a trend

Founded on the belief that sustainability is more than a trend, Fooditive provides innovative and natural ingredients to food and beverage manufacturers.
The company's unique process allows them to develop a remarkable sweetener, made from side streams of apples and pears.

The production process has been enhanced and evolved from batch to continuous fermentation, to be able to deliver on the high demand from the food industry by producing up to 30 tonnes of sweetener per week.

For this purpose, 83 tonnes of apples and pears are being upcycled, raw material that is considered as side streams, third grade by juice manufacturers or simply the "ugly fruit".

The sweetener is developed from the extraction of fructose through fermentation and its conversion to 5-D-Keto-Fructose through bio-refining techniques.

Fooditive has accomplished this through its innovative approach to offering solutions by valorising side-streams and starting from different raw materials, including cherries and bananas, to transform them into valuable, healthy ingredients.

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