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#EntrepreneurMonth: A nurturing approach to non-surgical aesthetics

Amy Bowie is the founder and heart of Pulse Dermatology and Laser in Kenridge, Cape Town. From anti-ageing injectables, bespoke peels, advanced fat removal and body sculpting to treatments targeting acne, stretch marks and psoriasis, the clinic specialises in the area of non-surgical medical aesthetics, which corrects conditions in a manner that doesn't require outright cosmetic surgery.
#EntrepreneurMonth: A nurturing approach to non-surgical aesthetics

Prior to opening Pulse, Bowie spent seven years in the UK honing her practice working alongside renowned dermatologists, before returning to South Africa to share her experience with her hometown.

In addition to being a literal hands-on business owner, Bowie is also a new mom, an experience she says has rejuvenated her energy to focus on furthering her offering to cater for postpartum clients. As such she has introduced a set of treatments specifically focused on assisting women with their unique cases both during and after pregnancy.

In the spirit of Entrepreneur Month, Bowie takes us through the appeal of non-surgical aesthetics and Pulse Dermatology and Laser's tailored, thoughtful approach to it, as well as her refreshed focus on new mothers.

For the uninitiated, what is non-surgical medical aesthetics all about?

I see it as bridging the gap between beauty treatments and surgery without having to go under the knife. It’s about getting real results whilst avoiding the downtime associated with surgical procedures.

What persuaded you to pursue the field of non-surgical medical aesthetics as a career?

Definitely the first time I treated a lady for acne. Seeing the confidence she had after she experienced great results was so rewarding for me.

How do you juggle being a new mom (congrats!) and a business owner?

With lots and lots of coffee :) Just kidding, I honestly use all the help I can get. I am so grateful that I have an amazing support structure including my employees and family and friends.

#EntrepreneurMonth: A nurturing approach to non-surgical aesthetics

You’ve recently introduced a set of treatments catering to new mothers. Tell us about the new offering.

Being a new mom myself I have seen first-hand the toll pregnancy and breastfeeding can take on a woman. Most places just turn pregnant and breastfeeding women away. I have not only come up with special medfacials for pregnancy that are results-driven to treat the hormonal fluctuations but also pampering.

And for after baby is here, we have an array of treatments for everything from stretch marks to pigmentation treatment. A woman’s body is truly miraculous in the maternity process and it's something that should be celebrated, and that includes allowing new moms to feel great about their bodyies post pregnancy and even during pregnancy.

What do you believe makes Pulse Dermatology and Laser stand out among competitors?

Our staff do solely medical aesthetic treatments, we don’t do waxing and massage, etc., so patients know that the therapist treating them is very experienced. We also make a point of having the very best equipment and a large variety of lasers so that we can really tailor programmes to be patient specific as we are all so different and no one laser treats all things.

At Pulse, our main goal is to make sure that every woman (or man for that matter) who walks through our doors enters feeling safe and welcomed and leaves feeling empowered and looked after. We tailor our treatments to the specific needs of our clients because there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to the concerns us women have about our bodies. After my extensive overseas experience with top industry experts, I use this experience along with other treatments available to directly handle specific client needs.

#EntrepreneurMonth: A nurturing approach to non-surgical aesthetics

In terms of skincare treatments, what trends do you predict over the next few years?

The future of skin care lies in stem cell technology. This is by far the most amazing breakthrough in medicine and the results of epidermal growth factors on skin healing and regeneration are simply amazing.

If you could travel back to the start of your career and give yourself one piece of business advice, what would it be?

Keep going girl!

Browse Pulse Dermatology and Laser's full list of treatments online, and connect with the brand on Twitter and Facebook.

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