#TechBytes S2E7: Testing AI with Microsoft

TechBytes Season 2 is a mini-series consisting of 17 bite-sized episodes, covering Matt Brown's adventures in the UK and at London Tech Week (9-16 June 2019). TechBytes unlocks powerful insights within the technology and business space.
Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues to surprise and delight us. Just when we think we know how far it can go and that we’ve unlocked its capabilities, it advances into new, previously impossible realms.

Even though it is the nature of machine learning to constantly learn and adapt through trial and error processes, we’re still in awe at how AI manages to complete tasks that are not only complex but often almost incomprehensible.

As the technology around us advances, it’s rewriting the rules around what can and what cannot be accomplished by machines. We know that AI can complete incredible calculative tasks, but just how deep can this go?

AI will replace 80% of our jobs in the near future – but it’s unlocking new possibilities as well. To what extent can AI blend creativity and technology in ways that will continue to change our world, from the mundane to the incredible?

Check out this episode with Brown at Microsoft’s AI Ice Cream Exhibit to see how AI is constantly changing our views by claiming to serve your perfect ice cream.

TechBytes S2 Episode 7- Testing AI With Microsoft from Digital Kungfu on Vimeo.

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