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Youth Marketing Trends

[BizTrends 2016] Youth marketing in South Africa 2016

Marketing to young people can be a remarkable challenge. With rapidly changing fads, concepts, and trends, finding the right balance between valuable, actionable information and youth-oriented content can be very difficult.

Working with young adults requires a keen understanding of what defines the youth market, what appeals to young people, and how to speak the language of youth. As an up-and-coming cornerstone of the economy, how young people think, act, and spend now can make a big difference on how the future unfolds.

[BizTrends 2016] Youth marketing in South Africa 2016
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Student Brands is invested in understanding these nuances, working with marketing professionals and student leaders to create thoughtful, evocative strategies that motivate young consumers to make purchase decisions.

Understanding students

Marketing to students goes beyond observing the youth demographic and making assumptions; effectively reaching out to students, integrating into youth culture, and asking the right questions can highlight what it will take to prompt a young adult to engage with a product or service.

Many of the team members who work for Student Brands fit into this demographic, or are only slightly removed. By tapping into the minds of youth, we can effectively target how young consumers think, shop, and and make lifestyle choices. We are not passive observers of youth culture, but rather members of the community who can provide unique insight into what it means to grow up in South Africa as a young person today.

Exploring the market

Research is a significant part of evaluating and understanding marketing strategies, an especially true fact in relation to youth marketing. In South Africa, the youth culture is frequently changing as new technologies, attitudes, and fashions break into the scene, and research is a valuable way of quantifying these behaviours in order to best harness them.

For example, market research in 2015 found that over 80% of young consumers make frequent purchases online, while 97% of surveyed youth use social media sites. Student Brands utilises these kinds of changing habits and trends, using them to influence marketing methodologies in a way that promotes increased engagement

Promoting Investment

As a youth marketing organisation, Student Brands is dedicated to adding value to the young adult demographic in a way that encourages investment in the market. Students contribute over 41 million rand to the economy on an annual basis; even though many young people do not have the cash flow older adults do, they are influencers for peers, parents, and other adults, driving trends and promoting the next big thing.

Learning to speak the language of today's youth can mean the difference between additional revenue and losing out to competitors who know how to play the game. Student Brands knows the value of young adults, and is well versed in sending a message young consumers will listen to.

Youth marketing is not about changing your brand, but rather changing the way the youth market sees your brand. By striving to speak to youth while providing engaging benefits to interaction, Student Brands can tap into a much-needed market, positioning brands in a way that's appealing to young consumers, broadening your reach, and enhancing what your products and services have to offer young adults in South Africa.

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