Jose Dos Santos steps down as CEO of Cell C

The Board of Cell C has announced that Jose Dos Santos will step down as Cell C's Chief Executive Officer effective 1 March 2019.
Jose Dos Santos has stepped down as CEO of Cell, effective 1 March 2019
Dos Santos plans to take up a role as a consultant, offering strategic advice to the chairman of the Cell C Board. In the role, he will be involved in the delivery of Cell C’s strategic intent, which includes the reshaping of Cell C’s debt to ensure the company’s continued sustainability.

“We would like to thank Jose for his tireless work over the past six years, of which five of those have been at the helm of this company. He has successfully led Cell C through some of its toughest times, and spearheaded the recapitalisation of the business. He has been a passionate and visionary leader and we know that he will apply the same vigour in his new role,” says Cell C Chairman, Kuben Pillay.

An interim CEO is yet to be announced, until such time as a permanent appointment is announced.

“Cell C has a very experienced leadership team that will continue to execute on the company’s business plan. On behalf of the Board, management and staff, we wish Jose great success in his new role and thank him for his time as CEO,” says Pillay.
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Peter Mann
I'm not surprised. Who wants to be associated themselves with a company that can't deliver. Been waiting 4 weeks for a support call back, after being told someone will call you within 48 hours. What a bunch of losers. Mirror reflection of the state of SA, run by incompetent fools.
Posted on 25 Feb 2019 18:03

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