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  • Telkom CEO Sipho Maseko to step down
    Telkom has announced that its CEO and executive director Sipho Maseko will step down on 30 June 2022. The telecoms company said the process to appoint a successor is well underway and a designated group CEO will be announced in the not too distant future.
  • How cooking oil brought a moment of joy during a dreadful week
    It is possible that cooking oil prevented more looting in South Africa in the last week than the president, the ANC, the intelligence community, the army and the police combined. This, without question, says something about the versatility of the product. It says even more about the state of the state. When you are shown up by canola, you might want to revisit your strategy. By Howard Feldman
  • Park Advertising launches digital performance unit, Lucid Media
    Performance Media across Search, Social and Programmatic platforms is the single fastest growing area of digital media in South Africa. Combine that with the detailed analysis of campaign management, tagging and ad operations, and it becomes apparent that these highly specialist functions require a highly specialised unit.
  • Transnet hit by cyberattack - Operations disrupted nationwide
    The Transnet Port Terminals website has been hacked, implying that all companies under Transnet have been affected. All Transnet websites were down at the time when reporting was done for this SA Trucker article. The publication cited sources who requested to remain anonymous because they are not allowed to speak to the media.
  • #BehindtheBrandManager: Meet Tamsin Darroch of Kellogg's South Africa
    Few food brands have the historical connection with consumers around the world as Kellogg's does, having held meaning at the breakfast table for over a century. By Lauren Hartzenberg
  • Business unusual for small enterprises on the road to recovery
    The Covid-19 pandemic has hit South Africa's small business sector hard and there are grim statistics to bear this out. Those statistics will not be repeated here. After all, if you are a small business owner setting out on the road to recovery, the last thing you probably want is more details of the toll the pandemic has taken on small enterprises. Far more useful would be some good, solid tips on how to build back better after any business setbacks. By Ameen Hassen
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ODM coming in May with 55 TV channels

Newly-licensed pay TV broadcaster On Digital Media (to trade as TopTV) is ready to enter the market and launching in May 2010, offering 55 channels - for now - at a subscription fee ranging between R99 and R249, CEO Vino Govender announced this morning, Thursday 18 March, in Johannesburg. “We intend to make pay TV accessible for all and as a right and a necessity for all South Africans, not only for the wealthy,” Govender told journalists at the company's offices in Woodmead.
On Digital Media CEO Vino Govender
Govender said a for “a little” R99 per month, subscribers will have access to over 20 channels, providing comprehensive coverage of genres, including general entertainment, news, sport, movies and gospel, to name a few.

TopTV channels will include BBC News, Top One, Fox News, Current TV, Top Gospel, Hi Nolly (Nigerian movies), MSNBC, Al Jazeera, Eurosport News, Baby TV, Afro-Music, Smash Hits, Fox Entertainment, Natura, France24, Top Movies 1, 2 and 24, SABC 1, 2 and 3, three sports channels,, and many more.

No plans for porn

Asked when the channel plans to launch a porn channel, Govender said: “We are running our business with strong Christian ethical codes and we are not planning to introduce a porn channel. Besides, we don't want to poison the minds of millions of SA children out there.”

ODM is a black economic empowerment company with 68% black equity ownership. Its equity fund now stands at R1 billion, R800 000 of which was raised by shareholders and the rest was borrowed.

TopTV said it will use the latest state-of-the-art technology, with an excellent quality coverage that won't blur the picture during the rainy season, and its decoders won't need any restarting.

“With our differentiated multi-channel subscription TV service we will expand the viewing choices for a larger portion of the population in South Africa,” Govender said. “TopTV subscribers will be able to select packages to suit their viewing needs according to their budgets. Market research has confirmed that TopTV's product offering and positioning will be well-received within the South African TV landscape.”

Key drivers

Gugu Sibeko, TopTV GM in charge of local channels, said: “We will offer quality and powerful programmes never seen before in this country, and our nine local branded channels will be our key drivers.”

Sibeko is a former employee of SABC Africa and the now-defunct Telkom Media.

She also said TopTV wants to create new brands in SA, adding that her company will be working with local independent producers to produce excellent local content to ‘fully entertain' their local audiences.

“We want to create new brands in SA, and under the TopTV brand we are able to combine quality international programming with popular local shows, creating channels with SA appeal,” she added.

Furthermore, Govender said ODM has partnered with operating media companies from various countries, including Germany, Scandinavia, Spain and the UK. In addition to this, it has secured programming and channels from household names such as Fox, Warner, Disney, CBS, and Discovery, and many more.

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Story updated 18 March 2010 at 2.17pm

About Issa Sikiti da Silva

Issa Sikiti da Silva is a winner of the 2010 SADC Media Awards (print category). He freelances for various media outlets, local and foreign, and has travelled extensively across Africa. His work has been published both in French and English. He used to contribute to as a senior news writer.
No Porn - Good for you-
You've got my vote and not those morons from DStV.
Posted on 18 Mar 2010 16:05
Bye Bye DSTV-
Can't wait for it to start. Maybe now DSTV will realise that we're not pre-prgrammed idiots who will just accept the ad-nauseum repeats that they subject ut to. BRING IT ON!
Posted on 18 Mar 2010 16:17
Nasa TV-
I am still looking for Nasa TV? This is a highly educational Science TV channel which is free in the USA. Live Nasa TV is one of the most interesting and entertaining channels available. Live feeds from Nasa and many other science programs connected with the space inndustry. Would join immediately if this channel was available.
Posted on 19 Mar 2010 15:20
@Thulani SuperSport is a PRODUCT of MultiChoice. Why would they be anywhere else other than on the DStv platform? @everyone else who complains about repeats. Get up to spead. This is how pay tv is worldwide. Everyone complains that SA is behind the times, and when we are with the times - there you are complaining again.
Posted on 19 Mar 2010 21:44
Top TV won't survive a year after launch - watch the space! Their content is really old and their Advertising Agency Network BBDO do not understand the Pay TV business!!
Posted on 19 Mar 2010 22:38
We cant wait!!!-
Thats a good move for. People who want what can't be offered to should go to DSTV, because if you want more you should pay more.Stop complaining and accept the little you are getting for less.
Posted on 26 Mar 2010 09:07
NO Porn-
That is a good move!!!
Posted on 7 Apr 2010 16:13
Posted on 9 Apr 2010 17:27
Find TOPTV Installers here-
You can find a list of TOPTV installers for your area (a href="")here...(/a)
Posted on 18 Apr 2010 12:29
Kids Channel-
I would like to see more kids cahannels for kids more than six years old. What about the kids more than 6 years, they won't benefit. most of the kids channel is music. I pay +-R600 for DSTV, because they have all these kids chanel, like Disney channel and so forth...
Posted on 22 Apr 2010 08:25
@ paroo-
This govender fellow is a christian boy - what u talking about bru....dunno what he is doing with AL Jazeera though, last I checked it was a moslem channel.
Posted on 25 Apr 2010 22:18
ZimBoy Munos
Goodbye 2 monopoly-
Monopoly will now be a thing of the past. Come TopTv, we want competition. thanx for the channels like BET & FOX. Nuff respect to you guys...big up-thumps up. HD decoders from the start- excellent- we are counting on you -
Posted on 26 Apr 2010 01:03
will there be rugby on this channel,that is the only reason i still have mnet decoder ????
Posted on 29 Apr 2010 07:44
@ Paroo-
They are offering Zee Cinema on all the subscriber options. It's a 24hr movie channel, similar to B4U.
Posted on 29 Apr 2010 09:07
No rugby, cricket or soccer
Posted on 29 Apr 2010 14:46
Theyre offering Zee Cinema-
Theyre offering Zee Cinema
Posted on 29 Apr 2010 16:09
Bye Bye DSTV-
Jip I agree, let the DSTV think twice, maybe now they will also get their administration sorted
Posted on 12 May 2010 12:06
Dave Channon
Without the major South African Sports, Rugby,Cricket and Soccer, I do not see myself getting TOP TV.Hopefully in the future when these views are available.
Posted on 16 May 2010 14:11
Nkululeko "Nkukza" Hadebe
I'm disappointed that sport is missing, where is Soccer? "Champion's League / UEFA"?... I was about to get top tv, and I had to hold myself since there's not much of a sport going on there! Please improve that section... and you wont regret it. To some people Life doesn't evolve around soccer, but to some of us who love soccer it does...! my point exactly
Posted on 17 May 2010 09:22
Hmm. I have TopTv and there definitely isn't as much sport as DSTV. HOWEVER, that's not to say there is no sport. The Setanta sports channel higlights league club and international soccer and also rugby and other stuff. plus, there's fuel tv and Euro sport (just like super sport blitz) and also SABC for local soccer. I'm satisfied.
Posted on 27 May 2010 11:54
What Nonsense-
some peeps do that hey... do u buy DVD's for your kids or family... Think Not.
Posted on 14 Jul 2010 13:42

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