TV Company news South Africa releases a guide on 'advanced TV': What it is and how it can help drive results, a global technology company specialising in digital advertising, has published a whitepaper on the topic of advanced TV. The guide provides a detailed explanation of what advanced TV is in all its forms, why it is important to consider and how it can help brands generate results. releases a guide on 'advanced TV': What it is and how it can help drive results

The guide, entitled "Advanced Learning, How Advanced TV Can Drive Brand Results", includes basic definitions of terminology used in a multi-screen world, data and examples of usage levels of OTT devices in the main countries in Europe and South Africa.

Also included in the guide are eight reasons why Advanced TV should matter to brands and advertisers. These eight points cover the growth of OTT (over-the-top) service subscribers, expected to increase to 31.7% in 2022, the impact of video, the ability to personalise and segment messages thanks to the use of data, the importance of offering an omnichannel experience across all devices, and lastly, the ability to drive results.

The Advanced TV guide can be downloaded here.

David Barnard, managing director for in South Africa, explains the reasons behind the decision of creating this guide: “At we have identified a high demand from the market to learn more about the Advanced TV. In general, among marketers very few feel confident in their knowledge of the advanced TV space and they feel unprepared to make marketing decisions that include CTV in their strategic plans. Moreover, with more OTT entrants into the South Africa market, we set out to develop a guide to answering all questions and concerns, and to arm professionals with the knowledge to advertise across all screens and channels with complete confidence.”

Moreover, if we add the fact that we live in a multi-screen world, where consumers move seamlessly between devices and increasingly require a high content personalisation, it is necessary to adapt and consider new communication channels to ensure that brands are wherever consumers are. is a global advertising technology company that is transforming the way brands connect with relevant audiences in today’s converging video landscape. We create video-driven experiences that integrate a brand’s TV and digital messages and empower marketers to captivate viewers, compel action, and convert awareness into a response. We connect the dots between people, devices and households to deliver a more consistent, relevant, and meaningful brand experience across connected TVs and personal devices. Our multidimensional approach to household targeting provides visibility into the entire consumer journey, allowing brands to amplify their message and turn consumers into customers. is a division of Exponential Interactive, Inc. Learn more at

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