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Jaguar F-Type thrills with topless fun

Okay, so the 221kW Jaguar F-Type convertible is the least powerful of the eight-model convertible range, but that certainly doesn't mean it is a slouch when it comes to generating a smile-on-your-dial adrenaline rush.

Although on paper its 2.0-litre, 22l kW/400Nm engine looks a tad lacking in go, compared to the punch of the pack-leader’s 294 kW/460Nm, V6 3.0-litre engine, it certainly lacks no punch with a 0-100 km time of 5.7 seconds and a top speed of 250km/h.

Jaguar F-Type thrills with topless fun

It also has the same trademark eye-candy as the rest of the F-Type convertible cats – a low, sleek crouch, long, elegantly sloping hood, handsome alloys wrapped in fat low profile rubber, a black canvas top and a nicely-rounded derriere.

In so many ways the F-Type convertible stirs up fond memories of the E-Type which, for many years, was an icon in the looks department.

As to be expected, the F-Type’s cabin is a tight fit, particularly for those of generous proportions, but once seated and belted up the sporty seats are easy to settle into, particularly for the driver who has easy access to all controls.

Jaguar F-Type thrills with topless fun

The engine fires up with loud growl which thunders in volume before settling into a steady rumble increasing in volume the more expensive forecourt juice you feed it. Shifted into automatic the gear changes are slick and well-spaced. In sporty mode the flappies on the steering wheel make for snappy cog-swopping, particularly at the top end of the rev counter.

For a long, low two-seater this Jaguar is an easy and comfortable car to drive in built-up areas and on the daily commuter run, but it really shows its class on infrequently used country roads where pot-holes are few, visibility is good and traffic is thin.

The jag’s sporty suspension does make for a fairly thumpy ride, particularly on uneven tarmac, but it more than makes up for this with the way it clings to the road through the corners. The steering is firm and direct, with good feedback.

For topless cruising fun, the canvas top is quickly and easily tucked away at the flick of a switch - perfect for enjoying the fresh air and views on a scenic drive such as the beautiful coastline between Hermanus and Gordons Bay.

Jaguar F-Type thrills with topless fun

At full tonk, the classic exhaust concert of roar and bark, crackle and pop, is goose-flesh inducing, bringing back fond memories of the old British sports cars.

Cars like the F-Type convertible are not built for comfort, spacious interiors, practicality or frugal fuel consumption, but for sheer driving pleasure – and the F-Type Jaguar delivers this in generous proportions.

The other major attraction of this particular model is that it is the most frugal and least expensive Jaguar convertible on the local market with a price tag of R931,000 which is considerably less than some of its competitors as well as a number of snooty executive sedans.

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