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The popularity of music, arts and cultural events in South Africa

The way womxn are seen and valued in society has the power to shape a country’s landscape on a social, cultural and economical level. As business and brands, it’s important to understand not only who your audience is, but also how to reach them. It makes strategic sense to invest in that knowledge. Quantitative and qualitative information fosters a sense of sincerity and connection between brands and audiences that can’t be manufactured. In the recent study by BMi, commissioned by BASA, ArtsTrack evaluated the popularity of music, arts and cultural events – with particular interest taken in the data shared by womxn.

The study took the form of a national sample, where 3,508 individuals were interviewed. Of this figure, and across all race groups (black, coloured, asian and white), more than 50% were female. In terms of forms of creative events, the most popular is related to music (events and shows). 62% of womxn attend these experiences, contrasted to the least popular creative event, which showed 76% of womxn don’t engage in activities related to opera.

The interest and engagement with the various forms of creative events was echoed by the reported awareness of sponsored arts and culture events for this group of womxn. More womxn were aware of music-related events and festivals such as Oppikoppi Music Festival (32%) and Standard Bank Joy of Jazz Festival (48%). In contrast, less awareness was reported for design-related events such as Design Indaba (18%) and Joburg FNB Art Fair (13%).

In terms of sentiment, when brands sponsor music 26% of womxn reported feeling more interested in that brand and 30% said they’d developed a more positive feeling towards the brand. Similar results were yielded for the sponsorship of arts and culture, where 22% of womxn took more interest in the brand and 20% experienced the brand more positively.

Of the womxn in this study, 27% are more likely to interact with brands who offer promos or prizes coupled with music events they enjoy. The same holds true for 20% of womxn when it comes to arts and culture events. Overall, the highest end of the spectrum for interest in music genres by this sample of womxn was measured at 61% for gospel and religious music, 54% for pop or light rock, 49% for contemporary and 45% for alternative.

“This Womxn’s Month, more so than usual, I find myself thinking about the power of female agency in the arts and business spaces we occupy. There are powerhouses who creatively engineer and reshape the fabric of the world as we know it. These rebel girls are hard at work at creating work that will grow in appreciation over time – literally and because it’s bound to mark a changing point in history. A time where womxn take control of their narratives and stand firmly in their power,” says Savannah Feeke, Head of Marketing at Business and Arts South Africa (BASA). “For brands, the greatest form of courage is sincerity.

Studies like this one provide key insights into growing a sense of understanding. It’s clear that womxn enjoy music most, but it’s important to consider incorporating other forms of art and creativity into those spaces. Why isolate those experiences, when the dynamic nature of humans in general thrives on inclusivity. Something as simple as incorporating well-designed pieces of art or furniture as installations at music festivals or adding ballet or opera to an alternative music experience holds so much potential to surprise and delight audiences, as well as pique their interest and expose them to forms of art they might not have experienced previously or ordinarily considered.”

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Business and Arts South Africa (NPC) is an internationally recognised South African development agency with a suite of integrated programmes implemented nationally and internationally. BASA encourages mutually beneficial partnerships between business and the arts, securing the future development of the arts sector in South Africa and contributing to corporate success through Shared Value. Business and Arts South Africa (NPC) was founded in 1997 as a joint initiative of the Department of Arts and Culture and the business sector as a public/private partnership. For more information on BASA, contact us on 011 447 2295 or visit our website: www.basa.co.za.

Business and Arts South Africa
Business and Arts South Africa (BASA) is an internationally recognised South African development agency which integrates the Arts into, and contributes to, Corporate's commercial success. With a suite of integrated programmes BASA encourages mutually beneficial partnerships between business and the arts.

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