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#Loeries2016: Loeries rankings with Sunshinegun

Just when you thought the Loeries buzz was over, the Loeries' rankings are in! I chatted to some of this year's top ranked creatives post-celebrations. Here, Bronwen Rautenbach co-founder and creative partner at Sunshinegun shares her views.

Adding to their ‘design crafts – illustration’ craft certificate and ‘brand identity and impressive collateral design – identity programmes’ Grand Prix accolade (both for client Nando’s in the ‘design’ category), Sunshinegun’s Loeries 2016 rankings range from top communication design agency to third-ranked for small agency (size 1 to 40 employees), as well as 11th for overall ranking by agency in 2016: South Africa or 12th for overall ranking by agency in 2016 for region (Africa/Middle East).

Brand identity design expert Rautenbach shares how they feel about their wins, plans to extend their winning streak next year and who they admire most in the industry…

1. Share your top three emotions linked to your Loeries wins and 2016 rankings.

Rautenbach: Shock! FOMO. Immense, ecstatic joy.

Let me explain… While I judged the Loerie awards, I was not able to be at the awards ceremony this year. So when the phone call came through, I was quite shocked. This very quickly evolved into the worst case of FOMO in my life. Then, following a sip or six of champagne, huge joy. I haven’t stopped smiling since then. Nothing can kill this buzz!

2. How do you plan on keeping – if not bettering – your rankings next year?

Grand Prix (in Sunshinegun yellow).
Grand Prix (in Sunshinegun yellow).

Rautenbach: There is a greater statistical possibility of being hit by an asteroid than winning another Loerie Grand Prix in 2017. We’re realists at Sunshinegun.

We’re going to keep doing what we’ve always done: Beautiful, meaningful, real work for our amazing clients, including a couple of new ones, thanks to our fabulous Loerie Grand Prix award.

3. How does this year’s Loeries flock differ from your haul last year and where are you displaying your Loeries?

Rautenbach: Our birds have become social media icons. They travel with us to our clients… And to prospective new clients too, did we mention how proud we are? When they are not in transit, they are perched as a key focal point in our reception.

4. Tell us who you personally admire in the industry – both an established mentor figure as well as a newcomer making waves.

Rautenbach: We admire agencies that are doing real work that matters. We admire the independents, the little guys who are standing out and being noticed against the big global players. I admire our incredible team at Sunshinegun, many of them newcomers to the industry, cutting their teeth on a global stage.

Looking forward to seeing what 2017 holds! Click through to our Loeries special section for more, here for a reminder of Rautenbach’s thoughts post-Loeries and be sure to follow Sunshinegun Twitter and Instagram.

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