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Hospitality industry encouraged to adopt sustainable practices

According to the Earth Day Network, 2015 will be the 45th anniversary of Earth Day and could be the most exciting year in environmental history.
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This could be the year in which economic growth and sustainability join hands; the year in which world leaders finally pass a binding climate change treaty; the year in which citizens and organisations divest from fossil fuels and put their money into renewable energy solutions.

In celebrating Earth Day, a local green cleaning product manufacturer is encouraging the hospitality industry to adopt sustainable practices to safeguard the environment, its guests and its employees. "The extent of the damage that chemical products have on the environment, on the health of those that use it and on the people that are exposed to it cannot be overstated," says Clinton Smith of Green Worx Cleaning Solutions.

Cost effective

Although a recent study indicated that consumers avoid utilising green cleaning products due to the perception that they are more costly than traditional products, the reality is that enzyme based products are more concentrated, are more efficient, and are therefore more cost effective. The enzymes digest host material where the germ and odour causing bacteria live and reproduce.

When ensuring that their facilities are sufficiently sanitised, accommodation providers should focus on utilising safe, non-toxic products that are effective and reliable. Where facility management services are utilised, industry leaders should exert pressure on these organisations to implement green practices. "If each industry takes responsibility for the effects that its actions have on the environment, true change can be effected," concludes Smith.

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