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Alison The Movie to open The Mzansi Women's Film Festival

Today Friday 5 August, Alison The Movie will open the Mzansi Women's Film Festival at 18:30 at Constitutional Hill in Johannesburg. The film on Alison Botha was produced by award winning South African filmmaker and writer, Uga Carlini.
Carlini’s hybrid feature film on Alison Botha is a deeply personal and emotional story of triumph and survival. Using a creative and innovative fairytale aesthetic, Uga Carlini’s film is a poetic and insightful exploration of trauma and overcoming that is suited to be showcased at festivals such as The Mzansi Women’s Film Festival.

“I’m only just getting used to the fact that there is a movie out there about ME (no - not at all - still not used to it) – and now I’m supposed to cope with the fact that it’s the OPENING FILM of the inspiring, awesome Mzansi Women’s Film Festival. What an honour! I think I’ll just go back into my bubble and pretend it’s all a dream – that’s pretty much what it feels like. I’m hoping to see you all there,” says Alison Botha.

The Mzansi Women's Film Festival was inspired by the 1956 Women’s March to Pretoria in South Africa in a fight against apartheid. The festival hosts films by women and about women and provides a space to recognise the role of women in the film and TV world, as well as educate, inform and entertain the audience on social, political and economical issues impacting women globally.

The Mzansi Women's Film Festival is done in the essence of celebrating women filmmakers and women entrepreneurs to encourage the spirit of engagement, collaboration and co-creation for a better and informed society. The Festival will run from 5 August 2016 until 7 August 2016.

“We are grateful to Uga Carlini for allowing us to open this year's festival with her film, Alison, and the continued support,” expresses The Mzansi Women’s Film Festival organisers.

Alison The Movie will show nationwide at Nu Metro cinemas from 12 August 2016.
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Kevin kelvin
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Posted on 8 Aug 2016 12:14