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#MusicExchange: The love of music with Filipa

Singer-songwriter Filipa has released her evocative new single, No Words, which speaks about the captivating chemistry that can exist between two parties in love and having no need for words to express their intense feelings.
Image supplied: Singer-songwriter Filipa
Image supplied: Singer-songwriter Filipa

However, this time around, Filipa also exudes a certain degree of sensuality - tastefully portrayed.

“This song was inspired by the intense chemistry and natural connection that can exist between lovers and that quite literally needs ‘no words’,” she said.

I caught up with her last week…

What is your job description?

I am a singer-songwriter/artist.

What does music mean to you?

It means everything to me! I am mostly myself, happiest and fulfilled as long as there is music in my life. I believe it can express what words cannot and it is the only universal language in the world — how amazing is that?

My music is about…

My very own personal experiences as a human being in all kinds of relationships, emotions and situations. Whether it is to help me deal with them as I open myself up and share with my listeners, to relive them or move on.

What is your motto?

‘The truth always comes out…’

Fame is about…

At the end of the day, what matters is what you are famous for.

Retirement will happen when…

I feel ready for it. Who knows what the future holds…

I don't do…

Spiders! Most definitely! Or sport…

I would love to co-write with…

Max Martin and Taylor Swift.

Where do you go for inspiration to create?

No particular place, but I like to ‘escape’ and listen to music. Other artists are usually a source of inspiration.

What is the most enjoyable aspect of your work?

Getting to do what I love and what I am passionate about… not forgetting the creative energy I feel when I get to meet new people and collaborate with them.

The song you must do during every show?

A cover of Somebody Else by The 1975. It’s one of my favourite songs of all time and I love covering it.

Any funny moments on stage?

I always crack a joke or trip on a wire in my heels. I am quite clumsy…

My heroes are…

My mom. She is a superhero.

My style icon is…

Selena Gomez.

Which living person do you admire most and why?

Definitely Barbra Streisand. She is insanely talented and a musical icon for me.

What is your most treasured possession?

I have a special book that I got in high school, and to this day, everyone important in my life has handwritten a message in it.

It's your round; what are you drinking?

Coffee… or sparkling water.

Dream gig to do?

Sold out show at Maddison Square Garden in NYC.

What makes you stand out?

A lot of people never expect it, but I am a pretty big geek… I love superheroes and Star Wars. Does that count?

Any nicknames?

Billy and Lipa.

If you were not a musician, what would you do?

Probably a psychologist.

Pick five words to describe yourself?

Short, honest, funny, expressive and moody.

What are you streaming?

Fletcher and Lauv.

Greatest movie ever made?


What book are you reading?

Women Who Run With Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Est├ęs.

What song changed your life?

Billie Jean by Michael Jackson.

Who do you love?

My family with all my heart.

What is your favourite word?


Top of your bucket list?

Shark cage dive.

Your greatest achievement?

Becoming a Harvard graduate.

What do you complain about most often?

Being hungry and loadshedding.

What is your biggest fear?

Losing my family.

Happiness is…

Finding peace and acceptance in who you are and where you are in your current situation or journey.

On stage, I tend to…

Close my eyes a lot. I get very into what I’m performing and transport myself into the music, with my eyes closed.

The best life lesson you have learned?

To stop comparing myself to everyone else. I am who I am and I should be more accepting of that.

What has been your favourite journey so far?

Finding my voice as an artist through my songwriting and years of experience in the industry. I think I’ve grown leaps, not only as a person, but also as an artist.

My music is more and more authentic to who I am and I have lost my inhibitions when writing. That makes me feel proud and I can only hope to continue growing and never stop learning.

Do you do charity work, and if you do – what do you do?

Here and there… unfortunately not as much as I would like to. Need to work on that, I suppose.

Wishes and dreams?

A happy life with my loved ones, always doing what I love. And, of course, a Grammy!

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